Friday, November 21, 2014

Parody of Potty-Mouth Video - 5x more Likes than Dislikes

Looks like some other people noticed the psycho-feminazis' horrible use of small children. And the Likes and Dislikes tell the story here.

According to Feminists, this is a great way to use innocent children. Almost 10k responses and 5.3k were thumbs down. So 4.3k feminazis watched this video.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying women should be belittled or minimized just because they're women (does anyone ever say that?), but this is nothing more than the bitter offspring of some angry, non-stereotypical women going batshit crazy and using these innocent children who almost certainly don't understand what it is they're saying.

Want to rage against the princess stereotype?

Fine. Go ahead. But don't use children to do it.

And by the way, plenty of girls like princesses. So what does this say to them? That they're substandard jerks?!!?

Calm down feminiazis. It's ok for girls to be girly. I've got 4 buddies with daughters and every one is a girly girl - no one is apologizing for that fact and no one needs to.

Young Black Men Doing Better? Reverse It.

Changed education to cut out corrupt, entrenched, underperforming teachers and losing classrooms?

Young, black men going to college?

Better change it then.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Radical Feminist Appalled Men Give Woman (Some) Crude Compliments

In reponse to this....

in which a very shapely woman walks around NYC (full of 4 million men) in tight clothes FOR 10 HOURS and gets a handful of sketchy men to catcall her... (otherwise known as 'entrapment'). [Men can be heard saying such terrible things such as “how are you this morning,” and “have a nice evening.”  Monsters!]

...comes this below, in which the Libertarian Republic tries to figure out just what the Hell was SO horrible about the video.

News Flash: there are some jerks out there, and they'll make some lewd comments if your girl parts are sticking out. Live with it. Or wear clothes that aren't so damn tight. Men are men and they have hormones. Some are rude. Hormones plus rudeness gets the what you see in the video (over 10 hours). Most of the men in the video are genuinely complimentary and they don't stalk or stare or do anything to make the woman fearful. 

The moron feminist in question states "We don't put up with harrassment  in school at home, at work, so why should we have to put up with it on the street." We don't have gangs or prisons at home, school, or work either - notice the point there? The street is not school, home, or work. There are strangers out there. You don't know them. Some were raised on broken, drug-addled homes and the boys raised there grew up to be pigs to women. The girls grew up to be white trash. Such is life. 95 years of liberal experiments to snuff out these broken homes have not worked. What do you suggest be done next? 

Here's an idea. If you are so disgusted by random men boy-jerks saying lewd things to you, meet a nice, complimentary man and get married; then you won't wander NYC for 10 hours looking for something to do. Oh wait, that's right. You've decided ALL MEN are pigs and therefore unworthy of anything but your snide, disgusted, juvenile attempts at exposing them as harassing pigs! If you dig for worms, long enough, you will find some. Don't complain when you do. 

I'm sorry there are some jerk-boys out there, but nothing will ever get rid of them, except of course more intact families with fathers, but the Feminists outlawed those a long time ago, so be prepared for things to get worse, not better. 

Be sure to thank your local N.O.W. chapter.