Monday, September 11, 2017

*Shakes head with face in palm*

A few things here:

  1. This girl really isn't drop dead gorgeous, but I'm glad she has a good self-esteem. Personally, I'd pass, and I don't demand women look like playboy models
  2. Nothing wrong with having preferences, but hers are a bit of a reach. Let's break them down, as they are pretty much like every other woman's: tall, handsome, and rich. Again, this woman is really nothing special, appearance-wise and she's about as tender as a scorpion. What is a man getting from her?
  3. She keeps a spreadsheet that rates men in categories she has defined. This is the action of a woman who feels that she is being herself graded as an object and not as a person. The spreadsheet is cold, impersonal, and shallow. Women are treated this way in the Western world and it makes them feel sad, alone, and depressed; as if they are nothing more than the numbers which represent their waist and bra cup size. The spreadsheet gives her some of this "power" back. Without it, she feels small and unlovable, so she'll never give it up.
  4. She breaks off every relationships VERY EARLY. After the first date, in fact. That way the men don't get a chance to give her HER grade on looks, etc.. She "retains" her grading power.
  5. This is not a happy person ready to give of herself. She's demanding of others, exacting, and cold. She's made up her mind to be alone as it makes her less vulnerable and feel powerful.
  6. This woman is approaching 30 and getting older seldom makes a woman more attractive. She's had attractive boyfriends in the past and there is no reason to think her potential mate will be more attractive or richer, or taller, or whatever, than her previous boyfriends; in fact, they'll probably be worse in every "category."
  7. She's so shallow and cold about people (men), no decent man would want to be with her for very long.
  8. She says she'd rather "die alone" than be with the wrong person, but she's proven EVERY MAN is the wrong person for her, so she'll die alone then. This is how powerful fear is. Respect it.
  9. This woman's biggest enemy is herself. She has become her fear and it is ruining her life. No one can help her but her.