Monday, April 25, 2016

Good Morning Honey. Welcome to Hell

When women have far more resources than men and men have nothing to offer.

You get this:

Enjoy Hell.


Tuesday, April 19, 2016

What all Anti-Feminists are Missing

Great points in the video below, but he, like all men, are missing just ONE. KEY. ITEM. The community. These other cultures provide much more community. Their family structure is stronger, they have less (OR NO) liberal Holllywood influence in their lives, and the women are, generally, married once and only once, have many children, and enjoy a great deal of stability. They have a much lower rate of mental illness, alcoholism, divorce, suicide, etc.. Now understand, some of the cultures in the east are simply ignorant in some of their beliefs about women and think something like genitalia mutilation is a good thing. That said, in other areas, these places are simply kicking. our. ass. Prostitution doesn't exist (except for royalty or 7 figure bankers) in the general public, pornography is generally unavailable to the public, divorce is all but impossible for most, abortion is banned - these are GOOD things, not BAD things and they make for a stable environment for many (not all) women.

We have the best gift any country ever received - Freedom. And with it, we are throwing too many lives away. Corruption, pornography, polygamy in essence, the destruction of the nuclear family, children out of wedlock, STDs, drugs - they are all getting worse. They are going from fringe problems to becoming mainstream. Cultures in the East are as horrified at that as we are with some of their dysfunctional issues. The author below misses this.