Sunday, June 10, 2012

Action Film in Colorado: Your Rights Ignored, Trampled

What in the HELL is this filth!?!?!?  The local law enforcement down in Colorado saw, in their infinite wisdom, to barricade an intersection and start pointing shotguns at people, including handcuffing innocent people after removing them from their vehicles!?!?!?!

Calm down boys. You ain't Tommy Lee Jones, jumping out of helicopter's while slinging rope around the bad guys with sword drawn. First off, this is a small town bank robbery - meaning, in all likelihood, little money was stolen. Secondly, waving guns around IS AN INVITATION FOR OTHERS TO PANIC AND DO SOMETHING DRASTIC. Like what? Run, for one. Scream at you, QUICKLY REACH FOR I.D., and the like. When you've done nothing, the appearance of weapons is confusing and stimulates a broad variety of reactions, few of them good. Further some citizens may have outstanding tickets, warrants from another state for petty crime, or late child support payments. That would be typical. These otherwise law-abiding citizens may think this tremendous conflagration is meant for them and they may, in their stricken panic, flee or attack. They would then be tackled or shot by the surrounding officers (shot by these trigger-happy, Special Forces wanna-be's, most likely), causing a diversion and ALLOWING THE REAL VILLAIN TO ESCAPE.

That is why you do not INDISCRIMINATELY STORM A BUSY INTERSECTION WITH GUNS. You ascertain a physical description of the suspect and create a checkpoint. At worst, you stop the cars and look into them ONLY TO IDENTIFY PERSONS WHO FIT YOUR DESCRIPTION. Observe any suspects. Are they panicky? Nervous? ARMED? CARRYING LOTS OF CASH?!?!?! They just robbed a bank, dipshits. Its not like they're a soccer mom in a minivan. What are cops taught at the academy anyway? I could get a band of rogue thugs to arm themselves and assault an intersection of confused, unarmed civilians. Do Police use discretion and common sense?

Not in Aurora, Colorado, they don't.

Clusterfuck from top to bottom and more rights violated than I can count.


Also? When Tommy Lee Jones has Harrison Ford trapped in a car-filled tunnel in the movie "The Fugitive," he keeps everyone in their cars and shines a light in them, looking for his suspect. No civilians are removed or handcuffed. Not even in the movies. Morons.

June 5, 2012

Yeah, but They Caught the Bank Robber...

People stopped at an intersection in Aurora, Colorado, on June 2 suddenly found themselves staring at cocked and loaded guns held by police, were dragged out of their cars, handcuffed, with police demanding to search their vehicles, and then detained as criminals for two hours. In other words, they were arrested mass style because police "had a tip" that a bank robber was stopped at the light.
According to news reports:
Responding officers barricaded the area, trapping about 25 cars near the intersection. Then police went car by car and pulled out each occupant at gunpoint and handcuffed them.
What really is disconcerting is the lack of protest from the drivers to people making comments on the articles. The cops got a suspect, so everything was justified. Yet, when a cop points a gun at you, he is ready to blow you away, and if a child or even an adult had made a "suspicious" move, that person would have been shot to death and no doubt people would have found a way to justify that, too. Welcome to Amerika.

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