Monday, April 22, 2013

But its FUN, and "No Big Deal!"

Folks in "conservative" countries need to buck up, step out of the way, and import some LIBERAL U.S. CULTURE! WOO HOO!

Cuz who doesn't want to see their daughters parading about in their underwear! (and yes, that's what they are in, don't give me this "but its swimwear" bullshit).

I've got nothing wrong with sex or even clothing that is a bit "sexy," but people, wake up.

This is just plain ridiculous. The one point of this [very little] clothing is to HYPER-CHARGE the male sexual instinct. And let's go ahead and mix this party with some good ole booze while we're at it. And then stand back and watch the "sexual misconduct/aggrevation/assault" charges pile up, then stand around and scratch our heads and WONDER WHY, like the really smart people we are.

Girls dress like this and then talk to TESTOSTERONE-FILLED MALE ANIMALS and think they're going to get a "boyfriend." Now, you're going to get a guy who is fantasizing about a night of passionate sex, ladies. Nothing in that equation =boyfriend in the man's mind. Just SEX. WHY, OH WHY is he thinking about sex? GEE, MAYBE IT HAS SOMETHING TO DO WITH THE FACT HE CAN SEE YOUR VAGINA. Ever stare at a woman's crotch (sorry, no disrespect) in a bikini? IT CONCEALS JUST ABOUT NOTHING. There are plenty of attractive swimsuits that are not EYE-POPPING, OBSCENE, SEX-STEAMING, barely-there outfits.

We may laugh at the ultra-up-tight nature of the Middle East and India, but they look at public displays like the one in the link above and just shake their heads at us and I stand with them - this is just common sense.

You are strutting young, sometimes naive females, in their sexual prime, in outfits that barely cover any part of their ultra-pert, firm, breed-with-me-now bodies, then scream they have every "right" to dress almost naked (whilst they flirt with men) and then act STUPID when they wind up pregnant (um, AND unmarried). And at that point do something even stupider - blame the man for "getting them pregnant."

Give me a goddamn break.

Can we give WOMEN the respect they DESERVE by telling these girls, dressing like that MAKES MEN WANT TO FUCK YOU AND THAT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH BEING YOUR BOYFRIEND/FIANCE/HUSBAND. So be PREPARED ladies, be on guard, be on the lookout, and either know what's coming, or else do yourself a favor and DIAL IT DOWN, dress-wise, then talk to the boys and find the one you want. It doesn't really matter what you wear, men have a good idea of your shape - what, do you think really handsome men accidentally marry fat women in Saudi Arabia because she was wearing the equivalent of a trash bag!?!?! No. They do not.

I think the public acts as if the girls know what they are getting into strutting around in a bikini, but judging from the sexual misconduct/assault/rape charges at colleges, the OBSCENE out-of-wedlock birth rates and the STD rates, I  know it is NOT common knowledge, or anywhere close to it.

I would go so far as to suggest this is akin to your child playing in the street hour after hour and blaming the cars after he gets hit by one.


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