Sunday, May 14, 2006

Equality That Isn't

There are more women in college, then men. Let's really think about this for a moment. This means - NECESSARILY - that of all the people corporations will have to recruit from, there will be a very good chance that more recruits will be women than men. Think of how powerful education is. It is the stepping stool to good, well-paying employment. Without education, well-paying employment is extremely challenging if not all together impossible. Look at the minorities in this country: blacks, hispanics, etc. They have been given sub-standard education for decades and their comparatively lower earning power, lower-paying jobs, and lack of representation in the professional fields reflects this.

How long until the lower proportion of well-educated men and higher proportion of well-educated women impacts the corporate world. It only follows that even more and more women will be making money AT LEAST comparable to men and the trend reflects that at some point the vast numbers of college-educated women will result in women, as a class, having better career opportunities than men.

The dual-income family has been the standard FOR A LONG TIME. With women as educated OR MORE educated than some men, earning just as much, or more, and having well-paying careers, WHY ARE MEN PAYING 90% OF THE CHILD-SUPPORT EXPENSES, especially given the fact that should a woman decide to have a child out of wedlock (1 out of 3 births are out of wedlock) her decision to have the child results in someone else paying half of their take home pay in child support for the next 20 years!

Is there any decision you or I have the luxury of making that results in someone else paying for our decision to the tune of hundreds of thousands for 18 years?!?!? I mean a married and divorced couple is one thing, but 1 in 3 out of wedlock births means that many women are CHOOSING to have their child in a relationship that could dissolve tomorrow or could already be dissolved and yet, while the decision to have the child is their's alone, the obligation to pay for it is seemingly his alone - does that sound incongruent to you? It does to me.

PBS filmed a fathersandfamilies meeting recently. There were a surprising amount of men that were stay at home dads FOR YEARS while their wives ran dental practices, small businesses, worked as executives, lawyers, etc. And when they divorced, the women received custody of the children and the man was forced to pay child support to the tune of $12,$1300/month when he hasn't worked for years and when HE WAS THE PRIMARY CAREGIVER!

It's a lot more prevalent than most realize. The news doesn't cover it, but if you dig into the statistics, the truth emerges.

British newspapers have been reporting on a baby-gap in England. Women aren't having children or are having them MUCH later in life because they can have their own careers and make middle to upper-middle class income.

It's time we realized than men and women are just equal human beings and that divorce means 50-50 split on EVERYTHING from assets to responsibility for child care.

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