Sunday, May 14, 2006


"I was scared." Fine if you're in the woods looking at a bear, but what about when you try to hit an innocent human being with your car?

Assistant U.S. attorney backs over her boyfriend, twice

The January 7, 1999, issue of the Denver Post reported that an assistant United States attorney, Stacey L. Ross, age 34, was charged with first-degree assault for allegedly running over her live-in boyfriend twice. Her 26-year old partner suffered a lacerated liver, dislocated shoulder, and other injuries. Apparently he tried to stop her from leaving because he didn't think she was in any condition to drive after an argument on New Years Eve.

He was standing behind the car when she backed over him the first time. He was then on his hands and knees in a daze in the driveway when she backed over him again. Sheriffs deputies found him pinned beneath a Mazda driven by Ms. Ross.

Her defense attorney claimed he was threatening her, that she was terrified, and trying to get away. One may reasonably ask if that were so, why did she back over him the second time?

Ms. Ross, who had been with the U.S. attorney's office since September, 1997, was reported to be on leave from her job.

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