Friday, July 16, 2010

Mel Gibson

I don't really like Mel Gibson. Well, I don't really know him either. But he seems ok. Aside from obviously bad-mouthing every religion but his own and boozing up before driving. But then that could make him a congressmen or priest and those people are supposed to be a-ok too.

But Mel is getting shafted here so I must speak up. He may have left a very nasty phone call with his ex-girlfriend. Well guess what, folks? Mel was probably just told by his lawyer what his ex has demanded for payments and settlement - first FULL CUSTODY of their 9-month old, million dollar homes, cash settlement - the works. Perhaps a ploy? I don't know. But trust me, if someone whom you accused of "shaking your baby so violently you allegedly tried to make her stop by accosting her" tried to take the baby, shake you down for millions, and accused you of being everything but a white man, you would have some pretty choice remarks. In fact, most men do - you see swearing at her is all we can really do. The law and the lawyers say your f-cked so guess what? YOU'RE F-CKED. Its like being metaphorically sodomized by someone in a business suite who is chuckling the whole time. Trust me, when you hear your ex's lawyer depict you as being a slovenly, violent scoundrel when you are anything but, you'll have a few words in mind as well. And not the sort you use at church.

Mel is accused of being bi-polar. Maybe, maybe not. He was married for 28 years, which in Hollywood is like winning the Olympics 4 times in a row. He has 7 children. He's 54 years old. Why EXACTLY should he not see his daughter, whom he adores? Is there HARD EVIDENCE of physical violence? His former wife says he's not violent. She would know. She's known him over 30 years. There is no evidence, police reports, hospital reports, ANYTHING PEOPLE - NOTHING to suggest he attacks his family or others. If he did savagely attack her, that's a different story. But the man has 7 children people. SEVEN. He gives to charities, including those for children. Even being a Hollywood superhero, he knows a few things about kids and his track record for evil is drunk driving and a drunken tirade along with religious views I don't agree with but views he nonetheless has EVERY RIGHT to harbor in a FREE COUNTRY.

He has a temper? Maybe, but so what, a lot of people do. And by 54 years old I should think most people can control it enough not to attack others. He made a nasty phone call. Yeah? So wouldn't you or I if someone was trying to blow you out and take your child from you and slap you with restraining orders. Making a nasty phone call is just a bunch of words. That's what you do INSTEAD OF PHYSICALLY ATTACKING SOMEONE. What, did he hurt her feelings? Imagine how he feels. He's about to get taken to the cleaners. The law is all on her side. She dated him for 9 months, had his baby and now wants out. Is it for a good reason or any reason? We really don't know. ALL states use "no-fault" divorce. So she can just walk at any time with baby and his money. Its like he never existed to them after that. Oksana is going to walk away smelling like a rose no matter what. So she's not yelling. Mel is getting gutted no matter what.
He's yelling.

If she wants joint custody and no money, then fine. But the whole kaboodle? For what? Nine months of dating? How much of hard-work marriage did his ex-wife endure? Lots. She deserved at least a portion of his earnings. I would say no more than $100 million because I think even celebrity divorces should be capped and that $100 million is an obscene number anyway that makes anyone set for life. After all, Mel was jumping out of planes and doing stunts and taking the risks. He should keep most of what he earned. I didn't see his wife out there risking her life. She and her kids would be MORE than flush with 100 mil. Instead she will more likely get at least 5-600 million worth of estates and property. For what? Sleeping with her husband? She had his kids, yeah, and she wanted them too, that's a wash. The guy is obviously no picnic, but guess what? LOTS OF HUSBANDS ARE NO PICNIC. And their wives don't live like kept heiresses like his did (and does).

So now Oksana wants to play kept heiress. Kept heiress - after 9 months. Listen closely to Mel's call. He calls her a Gold Digger. Um, no offense, but SHE IS A GOLD DIGGER. Baby comes, they hit a rough patch and POOF, she's gone. In the OLD days the judge (her mother first) would say, What? Every couple with babies has rough patches. You're not going to blow the guy out lady. Leave with what you have or stick it out. No get out of my court - there are people here with real grievances.

Mel made a bad choice in women, fine. And he took some bad actions, fine. But what is the punishment? Millions and the loss of his daughter?

People, think.

The punishment doesn't fit the "crime." There was no crime. Just mistakes by two people.

Kids aren't cash crops. Their not mutual funds, they're not annuities. They're not meal tickets and using them as such is degrading and inhumane. Pick husbands you intend to keep ladies and only have babies you intend to keep in a nuclear family. That alone would save a lot of pain and money.

Now you'll love what's next. She'll get a little less than the fortune she wants (and be "devastated" by it), move to Milan with custody and marry a fashion mogul. But not after the lawyers get at least a million of Mel's money and turn this into a bleeping circus.

Ah, American values. Now everyone make sure to repeat what the smart people in Hollywood do.

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