Monday, August 02, 2010

Where do I even begin?

Some time ago an "author" for the Slate published this:,3

After reading it, you'll see that the article is as terrible as the title suggests: Men's Right's groups have become "frighteningly" effective! Whoa! Should we be scared? Hey, I'm interested! What should I be scared of? Is the boogey man coming? Seriously?

For those of you too tired/bored/lazy/inundated-with-information to think, I'll start out for you - Who are the "men's right's groups"? What do they want? Why did they form? Who is their "enemy"? How are they different from women's right's groups? What do the women's right's groups want? Aren't men and women equal now? Why do we (you, me) need or want either of these people?

Think about those things first.

Then read the article and you can realize, as I did, nearly instantly, that this woman is another crusader for woman's cause that no longer exists. The author is yet another radical that believes unless men are held in dungeons at gunpoint, and threatened with their life whenever they refuse to crush their wife's latest panic attack with a 3 hour diatribe of soul-barring love and understanding, that men would otherwise be leaving women left and right and chasing... another woman who will wind up being just like wife #1. In other words she thinks men are unthinking animals now posturing to steal the kids TOO after abandoning her to her withering sexuality in her old age. In actuality, this isn't an article but a scared little girl who thinks she's not good enough, sexy enough, whatever, to be loved.

Remember: the underlying premise of any of these lunatics is that 1) All men leave, 2) All men leave them and 3) All men are sex-driven maniacs who always lie, especially when they're telling you they love you and/or trying to marry you.

Welcome to the asylum.

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