Monday, August 02, 2010

Misquoting is Slander and Libel

Read this whole article and adjacent sub-articles:

The radical feminist involved simply twists the quotes of men's right's members to fit their agenda.


Sodini and Joyce - both of whom should be without a job for this little stunt of theirs, practically call Mark Rosenthal and Glenn Sacks women-hating psychos who support those that murder them in cold blood. This is beyond absurd. The editor at "The Slate" has to be either drunk, stupid or else happy to inflame a dispute to get more hits on their website. As usual the Slate, and the children they employ - Joyce and Sodini - will only "remember" to accurately quote people when legal action is taken and they are sued for libel and slander.

Labeling someone as being sympathetic with a man who committed cold-blooded slaughter is not funny. Its scandalous and whoever does it BETTER HAVE A DIRECT QUOTE. If EXACTLY what these men said is not what was quoted, IT IS A BIG DEAL. It directly changes the meaning of what they intended to say. This is why many newspapers are practically worthless and bankrupt. Yes, sensationalism sells. But the truth is that most people (not including the man-hating radicals Joyce and Sodini) are quite moderate in their views. Its not hard to tell what's reasonable and what's not. Most people simply aren't so stupid as to get that confused.

Thankfully we have people like Joyce and Sodini who are so radical and hateful they expose just how FAR away from reason they actually are.

This is one of the parts about the "gender wars" the average layman doesn't understand.

Radical feminists blame men for divorce, war, famine, disease, child dysfunctions, female depression, life, death and just about everything in-between including breathing the wrong way. When men's rights opponents (the major ones) respond in a reasonable, but still outraged manner, radical feminists like Joyce and Sodini misquote, misrepresent and completely falsify quotes and facts in order to serve their cause: this is utterly despicable as it casts men's rights supporters as radicals who hate and want to physically torture women, children, puppies and anything cute. It reminds me of observations from the movie Che (which I was watching last night) when the Bolivians ran a disinformation campaign against him - whether he had a right to be in Bolivia or not is a very good question to debate - but that's not what they addressed; instead the Bolivians accused he and all of his followers - who rightly or wrongly, were merely trying to uplift the Bolivian peasant class - of being Godless, rapacious, bloodthirsty animals.

Sound familiar, Ms. Joyce and Sodini? Men's rights groups love murderers, hate women, and want to let rapists go free, right? These radical feminists are so afraid of actually confronting the issues at hand they resort to lies and misinformation in vain attempts to distort the issues and mislead the public.

In a Feminist cult, I expect it. From The Slate? Its an embarrassment of the highest order.

See here for specifics:

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