Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Law - Useless...... for you at least, pleb

I don't know how anyone takes the law seriously anymore. When I was a kid it seemed to be somewhat intact - of course reality is that it started crumbling back in the 1920s when excess wealth - mainly funded by stock and equity speculation (sound familiar?) - bought and paid for enough politicians to cause Congress to start passing laws to set prices, interfere with the economy and trade (tariffs) and basically do anything to support their rich friends who were at the top of the capitalist food chain.

Then the mafia became a major player and managed to dodge prosecution for murder, extortion, bribery and the like until the Justice Department and FBI finally cracked down - read that again - the LOCAL POLICE were bought and paid for; it was the Federal police who ultimately enforced the law. And I say that as someone who is no fan of Federal power at all. As the 1920s and recent credit crisis (that's banker speak for credit contraction- a normal and healthy economic phenomenon.) have shown, enough money buys even the Feds, Hell the President is on the take; where do you think his campaign money came from? Little donors like you?

Yeah, right.

This is an example of the local goon squad run amok:

I'll sum up for those unfamiliar with the case. Some off-duty cops had a bachelor party and of course got drunk, and apparently someone had ordered a private stripper (ahead of time). Well if you've never known a frat party brother, when a stripper comes, she doesn't just come alone into a roomful of what could be large, drunk and ornery men. She brings a man for security with her. Its common practice. So the stripper and her man show up to the party (at 4 am), as ordered, and the bachelor had left residence to go somewhere else (WHERE, at 4 am?). So the remaining off-duty cops, instead of apologizing and offering to handle it later, or else negotiate for something to compensate the woman and security guard for their time and trouble, just tell them to both get lost. Well it seems the stripper and her bodyguard were a little ticked (understandably) and demanded some kind of compensation, gas money and the like - the off-duty cops said no way. So the stripper and bodyguard left and went to the street and got in their car. The off-duty cops followed them (you should be wondering why). The bodyguard got out to ask them what they were doing as one of them was photographing his license plate. At that point all four off-duty cops jumped him and beat him up (I mean, how DARE HE challenge their authority!). He sustained cuts, bruises and a fractured eye socket - this is what happens when 4 men beat you up. The stripper claims she was terrified for him and backed the car up towards him. The cops stopped the beating but they had a new problem.... a real cop showed up. You know, IN UNIFORM, ON THE JOB. He talked to his 4 buddies and arrested..... the beaten bodyguard. For assault. I'm not kidding. He actually did this. The 4 off duty cops were without a scratch on any of them. He made no police report (wha?) and threw the victim in jail, but never charged him with a crime (you readers with a brain ought to be screaming at the monitor how you can throw someone in jail without even CHARGING them with a crime as this amounts to arbitrary and capricious detention without cause). And pray tell dear reader, WHAT COP SHOWS UP TO A SCENE WITH 4 MEN WHO HAVE BEEN DRINKING AND ONE BEATEN MAN AND CONCLUDES THE ONE BLOODIED SOBER GUY ATTACKED THE 4 DRUNKS? I have a very good friend who is a cop (and a good one). This guy can tell if you're lying before you can. He was also trained that, guess what, drinking doesn't exactly make most men non-violent; some may just get sleepy (like me) but as my gramps says - alcohol must be mixed with either condoms or boxing gloves because when people take it they seem to want to do one of the other. For these goons, it was clearly boxing gloves. Well the genius on-duty cop decided the drunks standing next to the beaten victim were innocent and telling the complete truth.

Give me a break.

Well the bodyguard was no idiot it seems. He got a lawyer, who of course demanded the police report. The police department claimed it was "investigating," produced no report, suspended the 4 officers WITH PAY for 4 months (that's called a vacation where I come from), and dragged the incident out until everyone more or less forgot about it. Then.... FOUR MONTHS after the incident, they charge TWO of the four men with MISDEMEANOR assault (yawn) and charged the victim with FELONY ASSAULT. Forget the pathetic charges against 2 of the 4 perpetrators - WHAT EVIDENCE suggests that the beaten man assaulted the others? Did he have bruised knuckles? Nope. Did the 4 off-duty cops have bruises, marks, broken bones, etc.? Nope. Did the one NON-POLICE witness see the bodyguard fight back? No. Did the bodyguard make threats before supposedly jumping FOUR men, according to anyone at the scene? No. So then why was he charged with a crime? Well this cute little ploy worked wonders you see; the prosecutors told the beaten man's lawyer "You drop your charges and we'll drop ours." Everyone is then magically acquitted and goes home. The man with the broken eye socket? He gets nothing. NOTHING. The four drunk thugs, who also happened to be cops, that beat him senseless? After a 4 month paid vacation, they went back to work - THEY WEREN'T EVEN SANCTIONED BY THE POLICE DEPARTMENT, NOT BUSTED A GRADE, NOT SUSPENDED, NOTH-ING. The story from the Police department? Well, you see, small pleb, it was all handled by the appropriate authorities, now there's no need to worry, we have handled it, we gave the officers a stern warning and now everyone can go on with their lives. There's nothing to see here, just move along, little pleb, we are the authorities and we make the decisions, so don't ask too many questions, its not good for you.

When I was young that kind of incident would've at least cost the officers their jobs and probably misdemeanor assault charges at least, if not felony charges. Losing their jobs would've been a given and it would've been the least of their worries. Today? A four month TAXPAYER-FUNDED vacation and a return to the same job. THE GESTAPO WOULD BE PROUD, EH COMRADE?

IS THAT SOME KIND OF FUCKING JOKE? These men ARE NOT FIT TO BE POLICEMEN. THEY COMMITTED FELONY ASSAULT - ANY OTHER CITIZEN IN THAT SITUATION IS PROSECUTED AND CHARGED. They clearly ABUSED their authority at a time WHEN THEY DIDN'T EVEN HAVE ANY! OUT OF UNIFORM they STILL felt ENTITLED to SAVAGELY ATTACK a man in an unprovoked manner and get away with it! Oh I'm sure they'll be sweet little cops now. Like a child who kicks his mom or dad in the leg and receives no admonishment, I'm sure those men have "learned their lesson." The lesson they learned is this: you can assault a ordinary citizen when drunk and receive no punishment AT ALL. These men are authority-drunk, power-hungry apes who feel the law does not apply to them! That they are part of a "special class" who is above the law! The only on-duty cop didn't even write a report! He arrested the victim! What is this, the Soviet Union!?!?!? Why would anyone trust the police? The high and mighty "law" does not apply to everyone equally and this is a clear example of that.

Divorced men who have been arrested when their wife assaulted them, thrown out of their homes and been hit with false restraining orders based on no evidence other than the word of a woman divorcing them are not surprised at this story. Family court routinely ignores due process including the right to question your accuser and hands out what amounts to stealing nearly 40% of your pay for up to 23 years and doesn't bat an eye. Why? Because feminazi, man-hating extremists have bent the law to allow such monstrosities to happen. Period. The constitution is ignored, the bill of rights is ignored, shocked and outraged men are told to "sit down and shutup," and innocent children are given to manipulative women who tell their children lies about their father and/or interfere with the pathetic 2 days a week the father IS ALLOWED by "the court" to see his own children, and then only if he pays their shakedown money, which commonly runs into the thousands for a simple, middle class man.


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