Monday, June 20, 2011

Wondering Where the Men Went Ladies?

Running for their goddamn lives.

Without getting into it, you see men and women once risked close to the same "amount" of what have you. Feelings, wealth, happiness, etc.. It wasn't perfectly even - men might've had a little bit more money and are considered sexier later into life, etc. But it was ultimately the same. Men didn't leave their "aging" wives in droves - they stay married. Women didn't leave their men in droves either because - why would you want to? The other men out there are essentially much like your husband and being divorced will give you an added stigma as well as less money. Might as well stay put and work on your marriage.

With the advent of radical, extremist, man-hating-psychos-sponsored divorce laws, men become TOTALLY expendable. Marry one, or don't, breed with him and you own him. You bought him, he's yours. Dump him and blow him out for his house and everything he's ever made PLUS 50% of what HE WILL MAKE IN THE FUTURE FOR THE REST OF HIS LIFE (child support + alimony), and go shopping for another. Hell, you could just run through the men with divorce after divorce and get steady income stream after steady income stream - its like franchising. This is the truth, this is reality, this is the state of marriage and divorce.

Men have finally BEGUN to wake up. Over half of marriages end in divorce and anything you have will be hers, more or less, leaving you LITTLE TO NOTHING to offer your next girlfriend or wife, so men have become effectively disenfranchised from the marriage institution. Why? For the simple fact they have everything to lose and little to gain. Their wives are not really "required" or expected, from a legal or societal point of view to cook, clean, or even to stay in shape. They may have as many kids as they want, work as long as they want, never touch their husband, then divorce him at their leisure - it does not matter IF women will really do this, it matters that THEY CAN do this, and some have. I would say more than "some." Men have done the math and realized, marriage is simply not in their best interests.

One man has written this all down - his name is Carl Weisman and his book is called "Why men avoid marriage." It is simply a long version of what I have written above. Men like women, would rather like to get married, but all in all are simply terrified of a bad marriage. A bad marriage renders them penniless, alone, barely able to "visit" any children they may have had and may very well plop them in their parents' home, for want of being able to afford even their own residence. Yes, this is true, look it up. What I am describing is a veritable nightmare for most men. And its happening. To all men? No. To enough of men? Yes. How do I know its happening to "enough" men? Because men talk to their friends. And they hear the stories of bad divorces. Divorces they did not want or deserve. Men divorced by cheating wives, "unhappy" wives that are better described as spoiled, sulking children, by silent, stoic, anxiety-riddled wives who refuse therapy, but kept their divorce lawyer on speed dial, by frolicking, tempestuous, flirtatious wives, who "upgraded" to a wealthier man, by ordinary women who simply hit a rough patch in their marriage and decided they would start over with someone t.v. commercials promised them would be "new and exciting." Regardless of the reasons, men are not guaranteed fair treatment in divorced. Broadly speaking women are treated as handicapped children who are being abandoned and men are treated as wealthy, philandering tight-wads who are sure to starve their own children without the threat of jail. In essence, men are presumed to be guilty.... of something, the moment they walk into family court. And then they are bankrupted. I wish I was exaggerating - I am not. Not even a little. Again, ask around.

What do men do when they discover the TRUTH about what they are risking in marriage? They DON'T GET MARRIED. Period. Honestly... what took them so long!?!?!?

Single, lonely ladies.... there you have it. Stop donating to the National Organization for Women or else kindly shut the Hell up about being lonely and the lack of "real" men available.

Why men avoid marriage

Bachelor Carl Weisman got fed up of being classified as a playboy, a loser or a commitment-phobe so he set out to find out exactly why he and a growing number of eligible men were steering clear of marriage.

Weisman, 49, conducted a survey of 1,533 heterosexual men to research a book aiming to give women an insight into why some smart, successful men opted to stay single -- and help lifelong bachelors understand why they are still the solo man at parties.

He concluded that most men were not afraid of marriage -- but they were afraid of a bad marriage.

"Men are 10 times more scared of marrying the wrong person than of never getting married at all," Weisman told Reuters in a telephone interview.

"This is the first generation of people who have grown up with bad divorces. People assume there is something wrong if you don't marry but these are men who have made a different choice and not given in to social pressures."

The release of his book "So Why Have You Never Been Married? - Ten Insights into Why He Hasn't Wed," comes amid a growing trend for more people to stay single, with less social or religious pressures on men -- and women -- to tie the knot.

Weisman said U.S. figures showed that in 1980 about 6 percent of men aged in their early 40s had never married but this number had now risen to 17 percent.


Weisman said his online survey found there are three groups of bachelors -- about 8 percent who never want to marry, 62 percent want to marry but of which half won't settle for anything less than perfection, and about 30 percent who are on the fence.

Four out of 10 bachelors did not want children compared to three out of 10 wanting to be a father. The rest were undecided.

But while 72 percent of respondents said they were not afraid of marriage, about half of them said the situation that scared them most was marrying the wrong person.

"It's so important to these men to get it right. My best advice to single women after bachelors is to be patient. If you're in a hurry to get married you'll be frustrated," he said.

Weisman also found that financial issues, both positive and negative, played a large part in men's fear of commitment.

"Those with little money said they would have nothing to offer a partner, with some suffering self-esteem issues and withdrawing from the dating pool," said Weisman, an engineer-turned-author with two books now published.

"While those who are financially sound were terrified what a bad divorce could do to them."

Weisman said his research blew away any idea that single men were unhappy.

"A compelling issue was how many of them had found contentment in a never-married life," he said. "They had created lives full of careers, friends and ambitions. It was not like they walk around all day worried about not being married."

For him, researching the book made him also look at himself -- and he ended up living with a girlfriend for the first time.

"Now we're looking at getting married. As I researched the book I found I was looking at men 10 years older than me and it was like looking into the future. If I didn't change, nothing would," he said.

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