Saturday, June 04, 2011

My Sister and Women Everywhere

When I was 13, my sister was 16, and she was after the attention of men, as many 16 year old girls are. 'Men' at that time were 17-18 and far from being 'men.' They were boys on hormones. Bound for college and interested in sex. It doesn't take a Ph.d to figure that out. The girls like my sister simply wanted to pretend the boys were really after them. But the truth is that the boys were not. The boys were most certainly not. Why? Boys don't have much in common with girls. They don't share the same interests, the same motives, the same goals, the same instincts (except to breed), or the same passions. And why would we? We barely share the same chromosomal make-up (males, x,y; girls x,x).

But my sister wanted the attention. So she would wear tight dresses sometimes. My mother would yell at her, of course. I knew what my sister was thinking: I'll get plenty of attention wearing this. My mother was thinking, yeah, and all that attention is bad. My sister was thinking, well, I'll weed the good attention from the bad.

But that's where she was wrong. NONE of the attention was good. It winds up being for sexual purposes. Sexual purposes from hormonal boys. Boys who have pretty much nothing in common with girls. Sorry, but this can't result in anything good. Even boys with good intentions aren't yet emotionally or psychologically developed enough to really understand who they are, what they're doing, or what they truly want.

My mother knew this. My sister did not. So they fought. My sister rather won out in the end, but it was one of those "Even when you win, you really lose" type of victories.

She didn't get pregnant or raped or anything of the sort. And if you knew the shrew my sister can be, you'd know why. That said, I'm sure she had a few regrets and I know she got involved with one guy, who had good intentions, and yet she was very badly hurt by it, as was he. This poor guy was trying to do right by her, but just didn't understand how. And he didn't understand what she wanted, what she was really after, or anything of the sort. He was a young man, more of a man than the rest, but still a boy. Jesus Christ. What the Hell could he know? Nothing, of course. And of course, he had the emotional IQ the rest of the boys had; probably around 30. More than my own certainly, but really quite low overall.

Men are simple creatures. Women are not. Young men and young women have little long-term chances of a stable union with eachother until they grow up a bit and acquire some maturity. This used to happen by 18 or 19. Now I doubt it happens until we are 25. Women mature MUCH faster than men. I'm sure its closer to 20 or 21 for girls. Maybe a bit older. Kids in high school have no business being sexually active. They're simply not prepared. And they're not instructed well either. They may dress and talk like adults, but they don't act like them, and they sure as Hell don't have the responsibility of them.

In my parents day, you got the "old handshake" at the door when you hit 18. You grew up pretty goddamn fast after that. I'm sure. My gramps left home at 15. He grew up even faster. Kids today leave home at 18 for college, but from what I hear and from what I've seen at college, college has become nothing more than an extension of home. Especially for the girls (boys are supposed to 'man up' and take care of... things, you know). Everyone seems so afraid for the girls. They treat them like children. Making excuses for them, spoiling them, and generally trying to protect them. This makes nothing more than a stupendous disaster in the end as women throw off responsibility and then start making risky decisions.

The term 'drunk college girls' was an exciting lie two, three decades ago. Now its a Google search result with 11.5 million hits. The first 5 dozen or so hits you need to be at least 18 years old to view. But it may be more than that.

There is no illegitimacy attached to 'slutty' behavior anymore. Being wild and flirtatious is like some kind of rite of passage for young women. They're emotional health or even their long term sexual health is not considered. They're treated like men, or at least they are by the wrong people. Men sure as Hell don't consider them to be men. Men know goddamn well what they are: different creatures; creatures with breasts and a vagina that have multiple orgasms, that have sensitive feelings, wear thong underwear and have babies. Men may relax more around women and tell them more than they once did, but at the end of the day sex will always be the primary motivation for men when it comes to women. If women actually knew this and cared about, or were taught to care about, themselves and what is in their own best interests, you would see a lot fewer girls in tight skirts at school. And you would see a lot fewer of them on the internet or in court, suing someone for making a video of what they did on spring vacation.

But women are not told these things, so they misbehave. They build bad reputations and they wind up unhappy and used. This will continue I'm afraid. It will continue until it gets so bad, we simply have a kind of social reset. Its coming. It always does - look back through history. When man becomes rich, spoiled, and self-gratified, he gets careless and sloppy. Women are no different. And the lesson is no different; careless and sloppy gets a lot of children out of wedlock, the breakdown of the nuclear family and mass unhappiness, frustration, anger, depression, poverty and ultimately societal breakdown.

I don't know when things will change, but I know we can't keep going as we have been. Change will come. And when it does, it will be long, long overdue.

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