Thursday, December 01, 2011

Domestic Vioence: Its Plain

This won't go over well because Kris Humphries is 6'9", 235 lbs and Kim Kardashian is MUCH SMALLER than that. But facts are facts. Hauling off and hitting someone (even though YOU estimate they are "too big to really feel it") doesn't matter. Hitting someone like you mean it is all there is to it. It is domestic violence. Man on woman. Woman on man. It doesn't matter. She could've stomped on the guys toes or missed and punched him in the stomach or groin or hand, for all I know. It doesn't matter. Let's suppose Kris, or even a guy much smaller than him, thew a punch at Kim - what would you all say? THROW HIS ASS IN JAIL! There is no mulligan for women. I don't care how big you are. Taking a swing, is taking a swing, no matter how "tough" you figure your man is. My ex used to bite and scratch. It was funny for 5 seconds - then she REALLY starting biting and scratching me. It hurt like Hell. I pushed her back - had she called the cops, they would've arrested ME for violence despite the marks all over my hands and arms. This is BULLSHIT, plain and simple. Women have learned, it does not matter - they can do whatever they like and no one will even MENTION the fact that they are PHYSICALLY ATTACKING someone they profess to care about and this is NOT ALRIGHT. IT IS IN FACT WRONG AND THEY SHOULD IMAGINE IT BEING DONE TO THEM. Many women don't give it a second thought because they simply don't think its any big deal. No one expresses surprise or outrage at their actions. So why not? they think. Wind up. Slug him in the arm or the stomach. If it goes further? Hey, no one said anything the first time!

Its unacceptable. Period. At present its simply another milestone in the land of our absurd double-standard system.

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