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Living a Nightmare

Child Support Reform Supporters share their stories:

I dated a girl for two weeks. She got pregnant. First she said she would have an abortion that I paid for. When I learned that she didn’t do it, she aid she spent the money. She then said she was giving it up for adoption. I filled out pages and pages of paperwork for the adoption agency. Then, months later, I was sued for Child Support - she lied again. It ruined my life. I have no job and no money anymore because of this. When I am lucky enough to get a job, they take 51% of my checks immediately, making it impossible to live. No DNA Test was done even though I requested it. She was with other men as well as me I later found out. I want this to be over before I kill myself.

I have been with Mike for four years, we have a three year old son together and between us 3 daughters. His ex-wife used the child support system to make his life a living hell. She calls every week if not every day, works under the table so they can’t track her money, uses the child support to go out and party with, she doesn’t even take care of her children, her sister and mother do. All she cares about is the money, she does not care about the kids and things became even worse three years ago when both her daughters said they wanted to come live with us….well I don’t blame them considering everyother week its a different man being brought around them. The child support system is corrupt, it screws men and women alike that have to pay….it takes the side of the parent with the children and does not consider that they may be abusing the system…..I could only hope that the whole thing is taken away. I know personally I have paid for my own daughter…she is 18 years old and I have never gotten a dime nor did I ask for one…screw that crap and screw him…she is mine and I did it on my own…I have the right to say she is what she is because of me.

Lets see I owe 50,000 dollars went through 5 years of depresion 4 years with out my driving license 4 years with out my occupational license all my recreational licences mean while my kids were spending more time with me then they were there mothers in the end i was forced to join them cause i sure as hell couldnt beat them.i went on tanf. cause that was the only way to get my license back so i could get my kids back and fourth cause by tyhis time i had custody of them ive never recieived a penny in support anyway i will be in debt for ever with this child support and soon they will take all my licences once again.thats just part of my story the story of destroying the man i was and now im this person that will never own or have anything but ia bill that will never get payed.if ever laws needed to be changed.maybe some 1 needs to take a closer look at the big picture and realize maybe its the mothers that should be paying as well for money they didnt realy need cause they should of stayed home where they were well taken care of.Its to easy for a woman to leave get set up in a house and have an all expences paid vacation.

I’ve been a slave to child support for over 30 yrs. now. Long story but the fact remains that slavery was not abolished with the Emancipation Proclomation.

I took care of my kids all their life while their mother, did what ever it is she was doing including stripping. My girlfriend took time out of work to help take care of my kids. ater seven years my ex decided to take the kids and immidiately reinstated child support she had filed while the kids were with me and my girlfriend. Now I OWE $30,000 plus in back child support and pay $600 per month on my $15 dollars an hour paycheck. i never went to court they just started taking money out of my check.
At one point after i realized she had filed for support while I had the kids and she was collecting public aid, I confranted her and she ended up signing an agreement with me that said I didn’t owe any child support and didn;t have to pay anymore, IT WAS SIGNED AND NOTORIZED . But now the child support claims it lost even though it shows I had a zero balance since the time we signed the agreement. SO now i have to pay for her and her husbands living expenses. Whatever happened to good old America?

Jess E Liles Jr, on December 6th, 2010 at 9:55 pm

I have been in the court system for over 4 years, and paid thousands to attorneys, this current system is broke and needs immediate reform! New Mexico is the worst state in the union as far as being corrupt goes, and will openly will tell you, that the system is broke, but its the best we got……Sorry. signing and praying!daniel Shenberger

daniel Shenberger, on December 15th, 2010 at 2:01 pm

My friend just had a hearing and has to pay child support to her ex. He makes 30.00 bucks and hour plus has a live in girlfriend who works. MY friend cant even make a car payment , plus many financial issues. These are laws that can not be black and white!
People suffer ,children always suffer.
House hold finacial studies need to be done on a case to case basis. Also taking someones license? Thats the dunbest thing I ever heard! Over the years I have heard so many stories!

i just can’t believe domestic relations anymore. i’ve been doing this 12 yrs now with no problems with paying or paying increases. but now, they are ready to increase it again. and to a point where i will be left with nothing to live off to make my own bills. i do not waste money now. and my kids are already sick of coming to my place because i cannot afford to do things with them like their mothers. it doesn’t matter to d r if you are a goodparent or a bum. i think they rather prefer you to be a bum. it’ seems like they like to ruin a parents relationship with their kid(s).

Terry Snyder, on December 28th, 2010 at 7:48 pm

As a working IT business professional and father, the child support award was so much that I had file for bankrupsy. The mother is on welfare and the county DA sued me and awarded the CP 25 percent of my net income. I asked for some custody and it was denied. I am now in arrears to the amount of $3000. They took my passport and told me that my next tax return would be confiscated. DCSS is rude, uncaring and don’t care if I survive or die. The CP want’s more money, the award was $1000.00 and uses it to buy tv’s, clothes for herself and a home. Meanwhile I sit in an appartment that I can barely afford. Something must change. The mediator was biased against me, even though the CP admitted to getting pregnant for financial gain.

Every child support case is different but when it comes to corruption CSE is one of a kind. I took on the CSE AGENCY in court without an attorney and won. they were ordered by the court to remove over$25,000.00 in arrears and interest. i had exposed their corruption and extortion, US Mail fraud, misapropriations of funds. i also had the child support reduced from over $1000.00 a month to just under $500.00 a month. it took just over four months of sudying the child support law and found the means to take them to court. funny thing the judge that handled the case soon resigned or retired from the bench, it maybe possible that the judge was tired of being on the wrong side? i just wished there was more good and honest judges like that one behind all Child Support Court benches. good luck don’t stop till they drop.

Here is my story. I am a mother living in michigan and paying child support of which I am capable of doing (thank the good Lord.) I have no issue paying support to my “children” but I know that more than half of these “child support” funds are going directly into my X’s pocket for his fishing, hunting, cigarettes, booze, etc. and all the while he claims he is “permanently disabled” by the state of michigan and is allowed to collect monies for SSI, food, medical and child support. He receives more than half of my income for support alone and yet doesn’t have to claim any of these monies on his income tax and receives a refund every year more than $2,000.00. Gee, isn’t that swell for not having to work but collect another hefty sum from the government. I guess he is “owed” this money by the state for his hunting and fishing trips (weekly by the way) even though he can’t “work”. I’d love to be able to afford a Private Investigator to snoop around his home just to see how “disabled” he really is. What a crock………… It’s time for reform and NOW! I can see why people commit suicide……

I have 43% custody of my son, but still pay FULL child support to Mommy (who has always worked full time, and has a decent career).

My parents divorced in ‘92′ when i was 12. My older brother lived w/ my father and my younger brother and I lived w/ our mother. In 1996 my father was arrested by friend of the court, three times in the same day. My mother dropped the case but FOC says my father still owes $90k. Over $60k is just in interest since ‘96′. The interest charges are double, almost triple the amount originally owed. My father has been disabled for 4 years now due to a work accident. Attorneys want to settle for little compensation because “You won’t settle because you owe friend of the court.” They make it nearly impossible to get any information other than amount owed. At least half of my fathers checks were taken while he was working, yet my mother never saw a dime. So now the state (MI) has taken thousands of $ from my father, which seems to have just disappeared. I’m 30 y.o. now, you would think there should be some way my brothers and I could get together and have the case dropped, since our mother is spiteful and unwilling to sign off on a case that was already dropped 15 years ago. Sounds to me like the state is enabling welfare fraud.
So glad I found this site. With enough signatures we may be able to get our elected officials to at least think about doing something helpful.

I am a severely disabled Armed Forces Veteran and just was deemed unemployable recently (due to my conditions worsening over time).. Ohio is attempting to assign, seize, attach, and levy my VA Compensation for service-connected disabilities, even though Federal law prohibits such actions (U.S. Code, Title 38 5301 / 1159 / 3.458; and Public Law 108 - 183, 702 / Public Law 95-30).. Why are they overriding the Federal government?!?!?!

I plan on filing for disability through social security - which they can legally take a portion (up to 50%) of that.. I have never denied to support my children, evaded the obligation, and have always tried to support them. I have worked consistently and hard all my life - until I became unemployable recently as a result of my service-connected disabilities worsening over a period of time.. Now, I am under no circumstances allowed to work.

The mother has had a free ride the whole time - without having to work. Meanwhile, I have sacrificed my life being in the military and have worked the whole time without any periods of being unemployed…

I’m a mother without my son due to those “accusations” described above. I’m so far in the hole, that I don’t plan on seeing the top of the hole anytime soon. I have a daughter that lives with my husband and I, and being low income, I can’t be accepted for food stamps, I can’t get a hunting or fishing license because if I can afford to go hunting or fishing, then I can afford to pay my support. Most jobs won’t hire me due to “bad credit” because of being behind in support. When I go in to court, I’m told that $40-$75.00 for “back support” isn’t doing the job, so they RAISE my support, job or not! Sumone needs to stand up to the system, and I’ll be there with you!!!

The system is corrupt. My husband pays every month for years on arreages for a grown child so it is all back child support now. The interest is twice what he actually owes and keeps on being added where it will never be paid off. Now we went to get his license renewed and found out it is suspended and that is his job since it is a commercial license. Chid Support Enforcement does nothing gives you the run around they could care less as long as they get money. They want more even though he has paid faithfully every month since the order went into effect just to get his license back. We can’t get a loan because they have it on his credit. Now he will lose a job if he can’t get his license reinstated this makes no sense when he has paid and paid and they take our tax returns. To top it off the mother collects this money and the child did not live with her and now is grown. I understand why people work under the table, drive with suspended licenses or disappear the system makes it too hard on you.

My fiance pays 65% of his income to two child support orders, and he still accrues arrears every month. He is left with less than $400 a month to live off of. The laws should not be set up so that a payor cannot even support himself. That is incredibly unjust and the system is obviously corrupt. His exes do not allow him to see his children, and he has even spent jail time for arrears. Child support reform is badly needed!

I have been involved with a fraud case of child support for many years. I have overpaid by thousands and still have all cancelled checks to prove it. My kids are 32 and 36 years old now with kids of their own. They are now trying to extort another $50,000 from me. When I proved in court I did not owe the opposing attorney had the transcripts destroyed where I could not effectively appeal. He then typed up an order and got the judge to sign it saying “the parties through their attorneys agree that the amount owed is $40,337′. There is no agreement signed by me or my attorney. The opposing judge just got the judge to sign it. (My children had already emancipated at the time.) This all happened in AR and I`ve lived in TN over 20 years. It has never been a Tennessee case but now they are trying to register it in TN and the attorney who committed the fraud is practicing law in TN on the case yet he is ONLY licensed in AR. This child support fraud needs stopped! These folks sent a fake warrant for my arrest from AR to TN in 2009 and the district attorneys had to get the arrest stopped because I`ve never been accused of a crime. It`s one fraud thing after another. These folks involved all need to spend a VERY long time in prison. ! I have perfect records from 30 years of all of my allegations.

I just made parol in augest 2011 for nonsupport. I have been looking into the reason Child Support Enforcement said I owe moore than I was aware of. I found that I was charged support for the years that I had coustody and also found out that during the same time I had coustody The child Suport Enforcement Office was charging me support under the same Docket # for the same son, under my sister’s name.To be charged support under the same docket # for two different women at the same time I had coustody is just plain illegal as far as I am concerned. The case with my sister’s name is 100% false. My public defender never inquired into the facts of the case, and from my understanding did one HELL of a job for the prosector. Any sugestions ? e-mail me at

Judges are abusing their powers. This little girls are having babies and if you get behind even one month, she is the one who decides to put him in jail. THAT IS POWER AND CONTROL TO A GIRL WHO SCHEMED AND CONNIVED IN A PREGNANCY PACT TO TRAP MY SON!

I Personally Know several people here in Florida that are being unfairly required to pay support even though they have their children more than the mothers not all but most of the women are out drinking every night partying and going on vacations while the father is with the children buying their clothing school supplies school lunches making sure their child gets to all doctors and dentist visits and child support enforcement threatens to suspend their license when in fact they are the sole providers for their children while the mother is out drinking and patying all night something has to change the only ones getting hurt is the children

WE NEED REFORM NOW. I sign this on behalf of a100% Service Connected Disabled Veteran who has been abused by the system.

I finally got mine payed down to zero last month after being 11,000 in arrears and since Missouri contacted Tennessee and made it a dual state case, Tennessee is refusing to (accept ?) that the child support is payed off in Missouri. Apparently they can contact each other to establish court ordered support and judgements including sticking me in jail once for 3 months but can’t contact each other to show the money has been payed off. I have spent 3 weeks arguing with child support offices and am about to contact a senator. I will contact the news and get it on television if that is also necessary..

Been to court several times to modify downward my child support which is only arrearages. I am re-married with other kids, one is disabled, just got laid off work, and yet they refused to modify my support for the back amount I owe. My son at issue is 20 and lives on his own. The whole system needs to be thrown out. In MN if you’re a Dad, you’re a criminal.

I see women who make having children a job and child support is their income. Its ridiculous! The proof that the child support is going to the children should be nationwide! I totally agree! I think the way CS is done it gives women a chance to trap men into getting the pregnant feeding them lies!

17 years later, I am going to regain custody of my son. He has been removed from his mother’s care 5 times in his life, and only ONCE, I was notified. My ex, has mothered 5 children, from 5 different men, and USES her children to support herself, and her habits. I am DISGUSTED, with this society, DISGUSTED, with this government, and I am not going to allow this any longer. Massachusetts, and South Carolina, be prepared for the nastiest fight you have ever seen. You hurt me, but more importantly,you hurt,MY SON. I have a NEW saying for you, “HELL HATH NO FURY, LIKE A FATHER..SCORNED!”

Another Child Support Horror Story

by suellen

In April 2008 my fiance filed for a decrease in child support. It was denied. Out of pure spite his x then filed for an increase in June. By the time it came to court in December and was increased (from the date of filing) it put him in Arrears over $7,000 because it had been based on his 2007 tax information.

The court had Lost his current pay stub that he had been told to bring in. He then filed an Objection because the court lost the pay stub, which was denied because "the pay stub could not be found in the file"! When he tried to Appeal as a poor person it was denied because his gross income was to high, although his net income was only 39% of his gross, because of the excess support he was already paying. He could not afford a lawyer, so had to file for another modification in February 2009.

He has been forced into excessive overtime to pay his own bills while waiting for the issue to come to court and was recently diagnosed with diabetes. He fell asleep while working the night shift in June and was fired for it (It had happend before in September and he had been spoken to, and as punishment he could no longer work Any Overtime, although he was still paying child support with overtime calculated in) He found another full time job on July 13 and his Modification finally came to court July 23. He had not yet received his paycheck from his new job and was told to bring it in when he was paid, which he did the follwing day and the court clerk stamped it "Received July 24, 2009 at 2:35" pm. He was told that he would receive a decision in two weeks. Eight weeks later he finally received the decision and the support was based on "A Projected Income for the job he was fired from"!!! (which paid $30,000 more a year) because the Order said AGAIN that he had not provided his current paystub!!! Although this time we had the copy stamped received because we already went through that the first time. Currently his weekly Gross income is $1,000. Between 2 child support obligations and taxes the total is $1,093. Of course child support can only take 65% of his check, so the amount they cannot take is being added on arrears. We filed an Objection and are now be able to pay our electric bill and buy toilet paper. :(
P.S.- I am writing to my congressman about lobbying to change the current child support laws.

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    My name is Steve in 2004 a crime happened I was the victim the court Barnstable ma the lawyers manipulated it so I could not take a restrain order out even with a police report,crime,she raped 4 kids even before I met her police reports,I had to pay support she won a restrain on me instead