Monday, March 12, 2012


Just watched the romantic comedy "Friends with Benefits."

It was a funny movie at times, but as always, cliched and a bit lame.

More importantly, everything winds up being Justin Timberlake's fault, of course. He's the guy wrapped up with Mila Kunis, the leading lady.

Its all a big joke, but a bad one. They hit it off, but instead of trying to be lovers, they try to be friends. Only they want to have sex and find eachother attractive enough to do so - there is a word for this: lovers.

But they have convinced themselves they are both horrible mates after having too many failed relationships. So they decide to have their cake and eat it too: friends that sleep together but are not emotionally involved.


And these claim to be intelligent people. What idiots. So what happens?

What do you think happens?

She gets emotionally involved and blames him for not going against what they BOTH agreed to from the beginning - friends that sleep together. Of course if a baby came along that would be his problem too.

There is a word for men that commit to to women for babies - marriage. Women have declared that's no longer the case, of course, and have kids whenever they damn well please - and enact laws requiring men to pay for it all.

Men are either too stupid to live or else can't believe a woman would have their child without their consent. So, both, basically.

Going back to the movie, Mila Kunis, demands that Justin Timberlanke not do anything too sentimental and actually freaks out when he does. Then at the end of the movie she demands he's "just like every other guy out there - only after sex."

I laughed, but I wasn't supposed to. This was coming from the same woman who demanded he not emotionally care for her. Now she's was showing her disappointment in him for not caring about her.


That would be my response if I were him. How you ladies get mad at this crap is beyond me. This is how women - smart women - can get the reputation of being a total idiot, especially in the minds of men. She said one thing but meant the opposite. When she changed her mind? When she was betraying her original intent? No one knows. Why? Because she didn't say shit. Does she even think about taking responsibility for that? NOPE.

Justin Timberlake? He meant what he said. He did what he said he would. He wanted more, but he was content to keep her at a distance, because he too had fears about getting hurt; he respected her fears and he thought she respected his. Turns out SHE WAS LYING. Two people were involved, ONE PERSON WAS LYING. Get it?

Here is a lesson for you ladies:

YOU CAN'T BACK YOUR WAY INTO A RELATIONSHIP THROUGH SEX, YOU CAN'T PROTECT YOUR FEELINGS THROUGH SEX AND YOU CAN'T LIE TO YOURSELF OR ESPECIALLY TO MEN AND EXPECT THE MAN TO "SEE THROUGH YOUR LIES," DETECT YOUR TRUE FEELINGS OR ANY OTHER CRAZY BULLSHIT. Men are just not able to handle that kind of emotional complexity, nor should they be expected to. Be honest or else back out if you have a problem - men will understand. Better that than lying and manipulating.

Lying and manipulating is actually foreshadowed earlier in the movie:

"Dylan: Why do women think the only way to get a man to do what they want, is to manipulate them?
Jamie: History. Personal experience. Romantic comedies."

Its not really a good joke, once again - like the whole movie. Manipulation is not a good technique. I've dated women who have no idea how to manipulate - its wildly endearing and reassuring as a man to have a straightforward partner. Women here get into manipulating and it becomes thrilling - for them and their partners; but its the Road to Hell.

Soon its one, big, passive-aggressive nightmare where no on talks and everyone's guessing ALL THE TIME. Insane, unhealthy and destructive. I've had so many men tell me: I don't know what she wants! I ask her to tell me, beg her to tell me, I JUST WANT TO KNOW WHAT SHE WANTS. And women's famous comeback: "its obvious." Or "If you don't know, I'm not going to tell you." This is women treating men as if they were women. A woman would know, sure. BUT NOT A MAN. Its obvious only to you. You most likely started the game and now its blown up in your face. Women are far better at emotions than men and far better at navigating emotional "games." When the man finally breaks down and begs for the truth, she won't tell him because she is too angry that he used her game to hurt her and now wants to punish him with her silence. This is childish. What's worse; she won't take any responsibility for what she's done. Eventually she ends up alone and has the gall to wonder why.

At the end of the movie, who is apologizing?

Justin Timberlake.

Who is the "victim?"

Mila Kunis.

And ladies wonder why the marriage rate is plummeting.


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