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The Ultimate Buffoon: Allred

You may or may not have heard of Gloria Allred.

Hopefully, you haven't. She's a cold, cynical, bitter, aged scoundrel. An attorney, man-hater, and fame-seeker. Does it get any worse? Pretty much, no.

She claims to be gender neutral and she has represented men in gender discrimination suits, but its jut to make her look more rounded. Her success is in slandering men, especially high-profile playboys that in no way resemble the 99% of men out there trying to live and work and raise a family. Her worst argument is so pathetic it can only be the argument of someone who is wrong and reaching for anything to win the argument.

Lately she's been representing ex-girlfriends of playboys. Yeah. Like everyone didn't know this guy, who is an international golfer/soccer/basketball/finance billionaire is just out for sex and clearly not really in the market to marry her client - a porn star or hotel employee who willingly and freely had sex with said playboy. What this moron lawyer is trying to argue - in vain - is that the man made some kind of contract by having sex with her client and that this non-existent contract should be used to fleece him for money, emotions, an apology and a number of other absurdities. All because her client, was naive, stupid, horny at the time, or all of the above. There is a reason why mistresses are typically hot and dumb - smart women know when they're being used for sex (and some are game to use and be used if they are after the same thing), and they generally avoid it.

Gloia Allred tries to make money off of women who claim not to know what they were doing - even when they were sleeping with a married man. So she bandies about the worst examples of male playboys she can think of - mainly Tiger Woods.

ALLRED: Of course, she did. But do you care about women being hurt by men whom they trusted, whom they loved, who they had every reason to believe loved them?

MORGAN: I get that.

ALLRED: I mean, that's it. And do you care about the rights of women? Do you care about all those women across this country who are being hurt, and men treat them like, oh, well, they're just an afterthought. They're a footnote. They can walk away after being in a long-term relationship.

Not being hurt is not a legal or moral right, crazy lady. She says, DO YOU CARE ABOUT THE RIGHTS OF WOMEN!?!?! And then goes on to rail about how women are being mistreated. First off, and with apologies, fuck the rights of women. Seriously. Women have more rights than men in this country and that's a fact. Look up the "Violence Against Women Act" and tell me I'm wrong. Violence is illegal - PERIOD. Discrimination is illegal. Period. There is no reason to make a separate set of laws unless for women unless its for an ulterior motive.

Secondly, women hurt men all the time - and again, so what? Its not illegal to hurt someone! Its not nice! But its not fucking illegal! Nor should it be! GIVE ME A BREAK!

Secondly, men do not just "walk away" after a long-term relationship, #1. #2, her clients didn't even have long-term relationships, so what is she talking about? I know plenty of divorced men. They're a bucket of parts. They're devastated, half-human beings. They're shattered. They look at women and run the other way. If that wasn't bad enough, they're financially devastated by the woman who left them. The real problem is that so many women are so full of anxiety and fear of not being young and sexy enough that they leave "BEFORE they are left." (Husbands begging for explanations as to why THEY were left, receive none or are told "its obvious things aren't working out." This can be for anything from forgetting a holiday to being too tired to have sex - yeah, that's right. Women need sex and if they don't get it, most automatically figure its because they don't look good - as if the suddenly became ugly or something.) You would not BELIEVE how often that happens.

Strangely, Ms. Allred argues that these short-term sex pals that she represents - some of whom are literally porn stars - are best discussed by examining every woman in the United States of America who is being, or has been hurt by, a man - in any way, shape or form. Whether the American woman hurt this man first, cheated on him, abused him, left him, has severe emotional problems, etc., is all totally irrelevant to Ms. Allred. Women are being hurt and that is all you need care about, dear reader. As if we should burn the Constitution and start over because women experience emotional pain.

The ACTUAL TRUTH is irrelevant to this lawyer as it is to most lawyers. Unless you are savagely attacked by a stranger, which is very rare, you probably are involved in some way when you are hurt and chances are you did a little hurting to your mate, yourself. Ms. Allred dodges this question, repeatedly, as she's worried about her clients being seen as adults instead of grown children.

Furthermore, she acts as though her clients are CHAINED to the perpetrator. These are not CRIMINAL issues. She's trying to steal money on behalf of someone who had their FEELINGS HURT but are otherwise fine - someone who could've called their lover a louse and walked out the door WHENEVER THEY WANTED TO. Basically she represents people who take no personal responsibility for much of anything, including dating a jerk.

Men of course, and their feelings, are never discussed. Jerks are made, not born, Ms. Allred. Every good guy who has tried to act like a jerk to get a girl has failed; trust me, I've known plenty of good guys. Male jerks, I think you'll find were hurt quite badly at some point and simply never recovered; they hide their feelings away and keep women at an emotional distance - men DIVORCED by their wives are good examples of this. Of course, good looking women can have any sweet, nice guy they want. Many choose jerks instead. Don't believe me? Find the "nice" guys on a college campus and ask them who gets first shot at the pretty girls - trust me, they'll tell you its the pompous, arrogant athletes, not the nice boys you'd bring home to mom. When a good guy chooses a woman who is a jerk, he's laughed at, mocked, jeered, and generally treated like a fool who just bought a used car, unseen and undriven and discovered its a mess. What would Ms. Allred have women who choose a bad guy do? Sue him for being a jerk?

Now that's a real practical idea, isn't it?

Its an idea only a lawyer could come up with, because lawyers get rich off such drivel. This type of garbage philosophy was formerly kept to the fringes of society, but now its gone mainstream. If you are a student of societies as I am, THIS IS A VERY BAD SIGN.

p.s. Ms Allred has been married and divorced twice. I'm guessing she did nothing wrong in both marriages and the men were both to blame. Just ask her.

Whole Transcript:

MORGAN: Do you wake up and feel angry for the men? Or is it all women against men?

ALLRED: Well, we actually have had a number of cases, where we represent men who have been discriminated against in employment, on account of their gender.

But we've had those cases in the past. I objected many years ago -- and this was a well-known case -- for at the beginning of my career, when there was a commission on the status of women that was created, I believe in Santa Monica, and they excluded men from being able to participate.

And I went before the court, and I argued that that was discrimination against men, that men have a stake in the equality for women, and that men should not be excluded from that conversation, and especially not from a governmental entity that was going to opine about that.

MORGAN: Does it worry you that for all the very good cases you fight, where there's clear evidence of discrimination or harassment or whatever it may be -- does it worry you that you have almost single- handedly created an atmosphere, a culture, perhaps, where people who want to try it on, and who want to make a few quick bucks, like claiming discrimination and harassment, can now do that because of this atmosphere that you have helped propagate? Does that worry you?

ALLRED: No, not at all, because we are a plaintiff's law firm. We screen our cases very, very carefully. We make sure that we have the facts. We've investigated the facts. And you know, we can only take a small number of a little of the cases that people ask us to take. So, no, the weak cases, we are not taking.

But I'm happy when women who believe they have been discriminated against on account of their gender seek the advice of any attorney, whether it's myself or anyone else in the country, and say, I feel that I've been discriminated against on the job, or sexually harassed.

Is there something I can do about it? Do I have a strong enough case?

I don't want them to judge that themselves. We act like private attorney generals in enforcing the rights. And we look forward to women standing up and asserting their rights, and protecting their rights and vindicating their rights in a court of law. And we're very proud of those women who have the courage to do so.

MORGAN: And men.

ALLRED: And men as well, but --

MORGAN: Occasionally. Let's take a little break, come back and get into some of the more high-profile cases you've taken on.

ALLRED: Love it.

MORGAN: Because you seem to be popping up with almost all of them, Gloria, one of the more predictable elements of any scandal is you and that a little red top of yours.



ALLRED: Mr. Polanski was able to victimize another child while he was a fugitive from justice.

I think we're beginning to unmask Scott Peterson. We'll find out who he really is.

It is time for Tiger Woods to take responsibility for the deep pain that he has inflicted on Veronica.

MORGAN: Just some of the high-profile cases that have had Gloria Allred all over our TV screens in the past few years, and she's back with me now.

I mean, you do pop up when you're -- I guess the people you're taking on least want you to. And for that reason, you've become the kind of legal agent provocateur, haven't you? Do you like that status?

ALLRED: Well, I like empowering my clients. I like providing them with a voice that they otherwise might not have, because I think they matter. The typical person matters, not just celebrities in our culture matter, and this is what we do.

We go up against the rich, the powerful, the famous, big corporations, government, celebrities, batterers, wrongdoers, killers, wrongdoers of all kinds, sexual harassers.

And we allow that individual person to fight that -- I'll call it a David and Goliath battle, or David and Goliath battle, and often win. And yes, people say, oh, my God, I mean, how could you go up against them?

I mean, these celebrities, often, they have their entourages. They have their PR people and an army of lawyers and their managers and everybody else. And who does that individual person have? They have us and they get to have a voice.

MORGAN: Roman Polanski, I totally get, because there you have very serious allegations of serious sexual misconduct.

Tiger Woods is an interesting case to me, because he's a golfer. What really is the public interest in exposing Tiger Woods when it comes down to -- yes, there's the role model argument and he's making money for whoever, Gillette or whoever it may be.

But actually, does it matter what Tiger Woods does in his private life? Why did you feel compelled to expose him?

ALLRED: Well, it matters if any man hurts any woman. And in the case of Joslyn James, whom I represented, she was hurt. She was deceived. She was lied to, and he never even offered an apology. They had a --


MORGAN: She was a porn, right?

ALLRED: They had -- she had -- she was an adult film star, yes.

MORGAN: And she went on to make an adult movie based on Tiger Woods' text messages.

ALLRED: Well, she, you know, she has a right to have a career. She gave it up for him.

MORGAN: Yes, but how's that --

ALLRED: Let me just say, he asked her to give up her career because he was jealous that she would be with anyone else. She did at great economic sacrifice to herself.


ALLRED: And then --

MORGAN: But she doesn't seem to have been --

ALLRED: After the scandal -- yes, she had to go and make a living.

MORGAN: Yes, but I mean, go and make a living, she would have made a porn movie starring Tiger Woods' text message. I mean, how hurt could she have been if she felt able to do that? That's my point.

ALLRED: You know, those of us who are -- lead a more privileged life and are able to make a very nice living the way you are and the way I am, I don't think we should look down our nose at other people who have to make difficult choices about how they make a living. It's not for me to sit here --

MORGAN: No, no, don't get me wrong.

ALLRED: -- and judge or second-guess how anybody makes a living -- I'm so glad that anyone is able to work.

MORGAN: Rewind. I wasn't making any moral judgment about her career. She's perfectly entitled to be in the entertainment industry. My point is, how hurt could she have been by Tiger Woods if she then just, the moment it was over, went out and made loads of money making porn movies starring his text messages?

It seemed to me that she was one of the cases where you were at your weakest, and you've had so many where you've been very strong. And I just wonder sometimes, when you watch what she did afterwards, do you slightly sit back and go, maybe I should have left that one alone?

ALLRED: Not at all.

MORGAN: Really?

ALLRED: No. I'm --


ALLRED: No, I mean, you know, I'm not a politician that sits there and puts my finger in the wind, sees which way it's blowing.

I'm going to stand up for women. I've stood up for women who are adult film stars. I've stood up for women who are judges, secretaries, factory workers, farm workers -- you name it, we've had it, just about. And I --

MORGAN: Do you ever regret afterwards taking on cases, because of the way that perhaps the person you've been defending or prosecuting on behalf of, because of their behavior afterwards, you have moments of self-reflection afterwards?

ALLRED: No, I'm so proud of my clients and the courage they've shown. You have no idea.

We are living -- I feel I live in a war zone every day for women, where we are fighting for their rights against very powerful, very well-funded forces, and I'm just so proud of the courage of my clients, because they come in. They're often crying -- like at a glass table like this, tears all over the place.

And then I see them evolve into -- from victims to survivors to fighters for change and standing up and being empowered, and then going on and empowering their children and their coworkers and other people in their community.

MORGAN: Where does, for example, the rights of Tiger Woods' wife override the rights of the adult entertainment star who's been having an affair with him, who just feels a bit, you know, aggrieved by the fact he isn't actually going to stay with her? Where do the rights of his wife come into that, in terms of your moral compass?

ALLRED: I wouldn't characterize the fact that Ms. James was upset that he wouldn't stay with her, OK?

It was his lying, it was the deception, it was the way he treated her, after three years of an intimate relationship, over a thousand text messages, and flying her around and making her feel that she was the only one.

As to his wife, of course she has rights, and I assume that she asserted them, and I'm glad that she did so, because that would be her right. MORGAN: Yes, but you know the point I'm getting at, right, is that, you know, you sort of paint a very compelling picture, because you're very eloquent about this, of this poor, unsuspecting adult entertainment star who got duped by Tiger Woods --

ALLRED: Well, do you think it's OK, Piers, for men to lie to women and break their hearts? I don't. I make no apology for that.

MORGAN: No, what I wonder, though --

ALLRED: I don't think that men should be able to hurt women and then just walk away and throw them out like a piece of garbage.

MORGAN: But she knew that he was married.

ALLRED: Well, of course she knew that he was married, but --

MORGAN: Does she -- does she not care about Ms. Woods?

ALLRED: Of course, she did. But do you care about women being hurt by men whom they trusted, whom they loved, who they had every reason to believe loved them?

MORGAN: I get that.

ALLRED: I mean, that's it. And do you care about the rights of women? Do you care about all those women across this country who are being hurt, and men treat them like, oh, well, they're just an afterthought. They're a footnote. They can walk away after being in a long-term relationship.

MORGAN: I'm not condoning any of it. What I'm saying to you is, though, that if you're Ms. Woods, and you see this adult entertainment star claiming my life's been ruined, and then she just goes out and starts making movies --

ALLRED: She didn't say my life's been ruined, and, again, you know, again, those of us who have a lot of opportunities shouldn't look down on those who are trying to make a living.

MORGAN: No, no.

ALLRED: And I -- and you know what, I make --


MORGAN: -- trying to paint me as a --

ALLRED: I don't represent his wife. I don't know what her thoughts were, but I --

MORGAN: No, I'm not making any moral --

ALLRED: -- I'm glad that she stood up for herself.

MORGAN: I think it's interesting about -- I'm not making any moral position or argument about what she does for a living. What I'm saying is, if you go out after all this, after you've gone public and said, Tiger Woods treated me really badly, he lied to me, he broke promises and so on -- fine.

But if you then go and make these movies, based on his text messages, all that's going to do is really add to the hurt and humiliation and public shame of Tiger Woods' wife. And I'm curious as to where you representing that client would have a view about that kind of behavior and say maybe that's not a good idea.

ALLRED: You know, I just don't sit in judgment of my clients. If they have to --


ALLRED: They have to survive. They have to make a living. I'm proud of her that, you know, she's trying to make a living. And, you know, not everybody has a lot of options to make a living like you do and like I do.

Let's come back after the break and talk about the political cases, because there I'll have a little bit more sympathy with your clients.


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