Thursday, October 24, 2013

Bone-headed Cop #2

Note the name of the officer has not been released. Right. A PUBLIC police officer, paid by taxpayers to protect taxpayers - but his name is a secret!?!?!?  WHY?


I'm glad the police showed up to give the kids a demonstration - after all, its not like the kids have fathers to show them this stuff, like I and my friends did.

But in yet another example of cities and towns using their fat, totally unnecessary budgets to hire 10 times the cops that are truly necessary, resulting in the hiring of morons who are not fit to be cops, one of the cops shows up with an AR-15 on his motorcycle. This is fine, just so long as the gun is secured, and unloaded. I have a friend who is a cop - as he, and every other gun owner or boy with a father, including me, knows, is that you do not load a gun unless you intend to shoot it. For people who think they may need to shoot their gun, they carry it loaded, but with the gun on safety and with it holstered (pointing straight down). For everyone else, including hunters, you carry the gun unloaded. It is IMPOSSIBLE for an unloaded gun to go off! And the first rule of gun safety is that you always expect a gun to go off, so you point it down at all times and take every safety precaution you can.

I really don't know why the cop had a large rifle like that at this school day AT ALL; for most emergencies necessitating the police, a small to medium caliber pistol is plenty. If you are going to show up to cop day at the school with a semi-automatic rifle, then it MUST BE unloaded AND safe'tied. If it is loaded, than remove the clip and remove the bullets from the clip, reinsert the clip and presto, you're done; otherwise leave all clips/magazines out of the gun entirely. The gun cannot fire when empty.

Instead, genius cop does the following:

1 - brings the high capacity gun
2 - leaves the gun near curious, young children
3 - leaves the gun loaded (why!?!?!?)
4 - leaves the gun's trigger safety off (THE cardinal sin of gun safety)

Remember, there is no such thing as an accident. EVERY GOOD COP KNOWS THIS. That is why the above four things make this cop an idiot who deserves to be dismissed ASAP.

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