Thursday, October 10, 2013

No, No, Pacman

I'm no Pacman Jones fan. AT ALL. The guy just goes looking for trouble; it seems as if trouble follows him around. And I think he COMPLETELY over-reacted in his actions below.

That said, ladies, you are not shrouded in some cloak of invincibility because you are women. Putting a broken bottle to someone's face? That's going to get a reaction. A reasonable person might slap the bottle out of your hand. But others, especially those intoxicated, will be much more reactionary and aggressive. Such as Mr. Jones, below, and NFL football player with all the strength of one. He hits this woman very, very hard. She may have 'felt' justified in what she did, but what she didn't realize is that she was threatening a man with what could be considered a deadly weapon. I guess she thought he would just back away (also a very reasonable thing to do). He felt the need to defend himself and the judge agreed with him.

Honestly, neither of them are guilty and neither of them are innocent.

Don't threaten someone with a broken bottle, readers. Not unless you're prepared for this kind of response.

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