Thursday, August 28, 2014


Everyone's screaming that football player Ray Rice, who allegedly knocked out his fiance, cold, and was caught on camera dragging her from an elevator, ought to receive more than a 2 game suspension.

No, he shouldn't.

He should spend a few years in jail, instead. The actual attack was not recorded. But a simple statement by his now, wife, and a medical examination of her face/jaw, would be plenty. And I can do better than that. Ray is an NFL-class athlete and extremely strong. If he hit her hard enough, he could literally kill her. I don't think you could make attempted murder stick, but assault with a deadly weapon would not be a stretch. A year or two in the cooler would change Ray's vision of acceptable violence.

The league, of course, to satisfy the screaming feminazis, instituted new "domestic violence" punishments. This will be an epic disaster.


If you have a domestic dispute with your wife or husband, does your job give you 6 weeks off without pay!?!?!? NO! It HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH YOUR EMPLOYER! And you may very well know that YOU are partially responsible for pushing your husband/wife with the exact language you know would set them off, and you don't want to press charges. Because you don't need the police or your job to straighten you out, YOU NEED SOME DAMN COUNSELING AND SO DOES YOUR SPOUSE. The problem can be addressed without anyone losing their jobs or pay or going to jail.

So again, WHAT THE FUCK IS THE NFL DOING INVOLVED IN AN EMPLOYEE'S PERSONAL LIFE? And hey, NFL, if a woman working for a team kicked their spouse in the shin, screamed at him, and stormed off, would she be suspended without pay for weeks even if no legal charges were filed?

You know she wouldn't. I can even argue if the league chose to take action against her, she - or anyone in her place - could sue them for breach of contract, false suspension, etc.. There is a reason employment contracts do not include behavioral clauses about your marriage. WHAT THE HELL DOES THAT HAVE TO DO WITH YOUR EMPLOYER!?!?!?

Its not the league's job to govern your personal life, or events related to it that happen AWAY FROM WORK.

Now, back to Ray Rice. I suspect (but do not know) his wife was breathing down his neck about something or perhaps even getting a bit physical with him and he snapped - Mrs. Rice (who married him 1 month after the incident), please take note of what not to say. With that said, Ray, you are a grown man, tell your fiance, you are furious and walk her back to her room, go get another room for yourself and cool off. Have a few drinks if you need to, turn on the t.v. and tell your fiance she's being given the night off to think about her words. That makes an impact on most people. Most women I've met would find that pretty jarring. Some people need the night off occasionally. Such is life.

Did the police investigate? Did Mrs. Rice refuse to press charges? If she refused to prosecute, there is not a whole lot the police can do.

And another thing MRS. RICE IS A BIG PART OF THIS PROBLEM. Yeah, you bet she is. She married the man that knocked her out?!?!?! IN GOD'S NAME, WHY!??! Press charges, walk away and start your life over. WTF. So when he hits her again, that's all his fault and everyone will demand his head. But who's the idiot who's staying with the man that beats her!?!? And don't give me this shit about a restraining order. She doesn't need one. SHE IS STAYING WITH HIM. She's is refusing to throw him in jail, refusing to leave him. Its not him stalking her and refusing to let her be. They are both hurting each other over and over again.

This woman needs some help. She's picking bad men and if she doesn't quit, she's going to wind up a lot worse than a few minutes in lights out. Ray? Ray's going to wind up in jail. Sooner or later, that's where he's headed if he doesn't get some help, and no one will be in a hurry to parole him back to a life that doesn't include NFL million$.

The NFL? They're not babysitters. And they have no authority to do the job of an individual or the police. They need to butt the fuck out, not find a way to insert themselves into their employee's private life and grant themselves powers and rights THEY DO NOT POSSESS.

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