Tuesday, September 09, 2014

What's Next, Kicked Out of Life?

Now the video has surfaced of Ray Rice actually hitting his then fiance, something everyone knew he did...

And he has been:

1) Deleted from a video game
2) Fired from his job
3) Suspended by the league, indefinitely (he cannot get a job in his chosen profession, professional football, within the NFL)

Now bear in mind, that he hit someone OFF the field and has not been even CHARGED with a crime (the victim refused to press charges, and in fact married him shortly thereafter).

Also bear in mind that a man hitting a woman - who has not hit him, threatened him with harm, with a weapon, or anything else - is completely reprehensible. Ole' Ray needs to learn to bear hug if he thinks his fiance/wife is moving toward him in a threatening manner (and really she rather was if you see the video).

But the punishment does not fit the crime. It is NOT the place of society, NOT the place of your employer (even if your employer is the NFL), NOT the place of the police, and NOT the place of public opinion to render judgement on you and throw you out of work in lieu of any criminal CONVICTION of any kind.

Ray Rice, at present, is NOT a criminal. He has not been charged or convicted of anything. I wish his [now] wife DID press charges and ensure he was sent to jail, but then she knew she would lose out on all Ray Ray's money. And she wants Ray's money. That's why she married him. I don't suppose she married him to get beat up. Do you? She and Ray obviously have a dysfunctional relationship and both need a counselor, but again, I don't run their lives and neither do you. With Ray being fired and banned from football, wifey lost twice. She was struck, humiliated in public, and now could be headed to being flat broke because her assailant, her husband, is banned from earning a living at his entire profession. This is the woman we are all "helping." Maybe we better stop.

Its not should be no surprise that this woman is now lashing out and defending her husband, claiming society is punishing him far more than is warranted.

Normally, that would be laughable. This time it is not. The punishments that have been brought to bear on Ray Rice have far exceeded the crime. Slap your wife? Has she slapped you? Screamed at her? Her at you? All of those things are considered Domestic Violence. So you have no problem with your neighbor filming any such incident and showing it to your employer who could then fire you from your job and blackball you from YOUR ENTIRE PROFESSION so that you could never work in your chosen field... Right?

Oh but I'm nuts and this isn't a slippery slope..... Really? People have been convinced to let the law (which is already absurd) be surmounted still and punish individuals who are criminally guilty of.... nothing. You are now letting public opinion govern (and possibly destroy) your life...

***UPDATE*** Looks like I'm not the only one with a brain examining this issue....

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