Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Yup, Men are Still for Sale - Better Go Elsewhere

The point of this blog is that men are for sale. Men are individuals free to make their own choices until.... a woman enters the picture. Then they are more or less toast, financially speaking. Does that sound bitter? Sound far fetched? I'm afraid it isn't.

Men having been choosing and marrying women out of their free will for centuries, and supporting them and their children, voluntarily, despite being able to abandon them and leave at any time. The "power dynamic" has shifted, whatever that means (I guess there is some kind of power struggle happening that I wasn't aware of). Women now have control of their destiny and so everything is different. Later in this post, you might recall the old adage, "The more things change, the more they stay the same."

As a woman, if you date a man and have kids with him, out of wedlock, with or without his consent, you have successfully used, er, rented this man. Now you may sell (think "extort") him for monthly payments that could last the rest of your life. This is called 'child' support, even though it'll be in the thousands most likely and no child costs that much who isn't dipped in gold.

If you, as a woman, have married this man and had children with him, you have successfully bought him. Marriage doesn't happen much anymore. Why? See above. Marriage doesn't gain men much, if anything. In both cases women are legally entitled to his home, 40% of his income, and in the case of marriage, half his assets. But then, I lost half my assets and I wasn't married, so its pretty much 'anything goes.' You can close your mouth.

In either case, the moment a woman has children, her obligations, duties and responsibilities DON'T EXIST in this country. She has none. Zero. She must do nothing. She will be judged on nothing. She will be held to no standard, she must give no reason or excuse for divorce. She is not even suspected or considered a cause of the divorce. This nation has 'no fault' divorce, so there is no investigation or questions raised about fault or cause of a divorce. She can lie, cheat, steal, whatever she wants to do. Literally. It does not matter. If she's rich, the massive wealth transfer that is child support still stands. If she is poor, it still stands. If she is middle class, it still stands. If she has 10 children with 10 different men, it still stands. If she cheated on you, it still stands. If she told ten different men your baby is theirs or their baby is yours, it still stands (yes, more than one man may be legally forced to pay support for the same child. So far, just two have been forced to pay for the same child, but I'm sure we'll surpass that soon enough).

Given this license to blow out a man whenever she feels like it, and women's massive increase in education and earnings in the past forever, women have declared victory.

Good for them. High-five ladies. You are the "winners!" YES! The winners of..... of..... of.....well, what did they win, Bob?

I don't know. They won something. Money I guess. And power. And control. Now she can.... I don't know. What do women do again? Oh yes; buy a really, really nice handbag. French, no, Italian! And shoes. And dresses. And jewelry to impress your friends with. Unless your friends are married of course. Then they will pity you for being a lonely, superficial money-grubbing spinster who secretly cries herself to sleep at night. That is, unless you've rented a man after selling your first one. In which case... wait. Who in their right mind would marry a woman who totally financially crippled another man before you? Idiots I suppose (women who divorced for legitimate reasons including actual, real, abuse or who left their husband without blowing him out are exempt).

But basically, women have won. They don't need men anymore. Thank God. It was a real chore to need a man. So much work and time and what about a poor girl's career!?!? So its over now, we can all breathe a sigh of relief. They won.

So give up men. Just throw down your sword - you do have a sword don't you? This was a 'fight' of some kind, wasn't it? I mean, the women have won, so I assume there was some kind of.... competition or something.... right? A competition for.... the right to... I don't know. But I'm sure it existed. After all, there can't be a victor without a contest. Duh.

So where was I... oh yeah, Give Up Men! SHE has bested you in every category! So there. You have no role left. Ta-daaa. Once a man's role in the family is in extreme jeopardy or unnecessary, then HE is pretty much unnecessary and will, in all likelihood, give up. And you, wimpy, loser man, have lost. Your wife, er, ex-wife, makes more than you and has more education and lives in a really nice house with REALLY nice clothes. So fall to your loser knees and genuflect.

Just... stop getting married. After all, what person, man or woman, would enter into a contract, agreement, or partnership, of any kind, knowing that they will always 'lose?' A man, after all, can have all of his present AND FUTURE earnings legally stolen from him for no due cause (that is, adultery, alcoholism, abuse, etc.). And in that case, you would have to think that your wife was TOTALLY INCAPABLE of divorcing you because she met someone "better," experienced depression, mood swings, extreme selfishness, identity crisis, severe anxiety, or simply was unsure of your feelings toward her and decided to leave before she was left. And honestly, to be fair, very few human beings at all are totally incapable of those things, especially in the anxiety-filled, prozac-popping Western world.

So congratulations Ladies. You have won.... something. Do your touchdown dance. Woo Hoo.

My western brethren. Gentleman. It is time you embraced alternatives. I'm sorry. I wish this wasn't necessary. I know, I know. You fell in love. You saw her and you were sold for life. I know. She's all you ever wanted, her hair, her eyes, her creamy white skin, blah, blah, blah. But she's western, buddy. She's a western woman. West as in American, European, Canadien, etc.. She owns you the moment you have kids and/or get divorced. Your life BELONGS to her. Not in an emotional sense. IN A LEGAL/FINANCIAL sense. FOR LIFE. In divorce, well after you don't know her and don't care about her, SHE STILL OWNS YOU. And can actually DEMAND MORE OF YOUR MONEY (child support automatically goes up when kids hit 13). This may leave you penniless, depressed or even suicidal, as providing is essential to a man's self-worth. It matters not. You'll refuse to pay? The court will throw you in jail - JAIL JAIL. With hardened gangs and killers. No more life, no more anything. Do you see the kind of risk I'm talking about?

So I'm sorry, but forget all about her. It won't be an equal relationship because you hold nothing over her. The law is all on her side. It won't matter if she is the one who cheats, leaves, remarries, or makes more money than you do. So forget it. Now.

Let's talk about better options for you.

I would suggest considering 1) foreign born women, 2) remaining a permanent bachelor and dating forever (there are lots of lonely women out there), or else 3) embracing women of conservative faiths and religions who are serious about traditional marriage - see #1. Regardless of the cold stares and disgusted looks you'll receive from American women, you have no obligation to be with them and your refusal to consider them would be a big wake-up call to what women before them have done to their opportunities with American men.

But don't worry. Given you are smart, hard working and somewhat educated, YOU are in good shape. There are some truly LOVELY foreign women out there. The spanish, persians, indians, asians, greeks... simply gorgeous women. Wars have been fought over these ladies. Trust me. Plus, to them, you are not a guarantee, a slave or a puppet. You are not some guy who is going to "give her the children she is entitled to." If she wants children she is told she has to EARN them. That is what she was most likely taught, growing up. She must EARN them; that means BEING A GOOD WIFE. That includes, cooking, cleaning and keeping a good appearance for you in addition to any hobby or job she wants to do. In exchange, you must work hard, provide money and discipline for the children and routinely make love to her (yes, it will hurt her feelings if you don't). Good deal huh!?!? I thought so too. I weighed my options and decided this was the best option for me. Many men do. And for good reason - its a fair deal. And a deal's a deal. Its a deal set up to avoid divorce and keep the family intact.

Now I read articles in Western magazines asking where the "Real Men" are, I hear female coworkers and friends complain about the lack of available men with good jobs, and I read stories of college girls dancing with eachother for lack of available boys at parties, and its a pity. It really is. BUT THAT'S NOT OUR PROBLEM, brother. The law has decided to declare war on men at the behest of radical, bitter feminists, many of whom are quite clear in their objective to destroy and/or ruin as many men as they can. I'm very sorry that's the case, but be sure of it: THAT IS IN FACT THE CASE.

In lieu of this, I would like to congratulate you on your soon-to-be foreign born wife. And here's a tip: if she cooks good food all the time, brings you your robe and slippers and rubs your back, do not be alarmed! Do not argue! Do not stop her! This is what she was taught a good wife does! And she wants to be a good wife because.... SHE WANTS TO REMAIN MARRIED! So let her be a good wife! Don't look a gift horse in the mouth, friend! And by all means spoil her! Give her presents, massages, sex, clothes, brush her hair, and tell the kids how special their mother is! Don't worry, she's not Western! She won't see this as a sign of weakness or some kind of 'game' to be plotted against! She won't suspect you of trying to atone for cheating! She will become even more loving in return! Its a good deal, this option that I present you! Why it is a present unto itself. You could become a perma-bachelor or else celibate, or a monk or something, but I think the first option is better. Take it, sir.

Now you may have to convert to a religion that some consider radical... that is, a religion that doesn't believe young women should have reckless, drunken sex with men who will not marry them, a religion that believes killing the innocent is wrong, a religion that encourages honesty and integrity, that disavows irresponsibility, drug-use and prostitution, that believes women are sacred, powerful and beautiful, that protects children by keeping them within the sanctity of the family and which may declare non-believers to be confused, dangerous and immoral. But hey, you may believe some of those crazy ideas already, so this won't be any kind of radical adoption for you, now will it? So kiss your WASP ladies goodnight and wish them well, but tell them you just can't enter into an arrangement with them that puts you at their mercy like some kind of whipped, helpless puppy. After all, you're not a whipped, helpless puppy. You sir, are A MAN. And you'll do what you see to be fit, right and just. If the consequences are a bunch of cold, lonely, childless Western women, then so be it. Tell them not to feel bad.

After all....... they have won.

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