Monday, March 14, 2016

The Reason Why You Are Not Married, Ladies

You're not marriage material.

Period. The End.

Don't be mad at me, I did not make you this way. Now. Let's be reasonable. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU, by and large. You are probably reasonably attractive (to someone, so throw that fashion-rag away), and you're not the world's most twisted and corrupt person, so you are a woman some man will consider marrying.

But no man is considering marrying you. Possibly not even your boyfriend. Seriously. Not even him.


You're not marriage material. If you were, you would be married.

You're too distrustful. Closed. A bit bitter. You play games. You feel justified in doing so because you're last 2 "boyfriends" (men who were loosely dating you, but not really interested) left you. You try to gain the upper hand in the relationship when your partner doesn't give a shit about upper hands and is trying to be a respected equal or even a superior who provides for you. You dodge personal questions. You slept with too many men. You wasted your innocence on a few jocks or tall, handsome Lotharios that a dozen other girls were after, and now you drink too much and share a whole lot less. You plot to trap a man into something long-term whilst staying defensive about anything long-term. You want someone to care deeply for you, but you won't allow yourself to care deeply for anyone else.

In short, you're emotionally broken. There is nothing wrong with you otherwise. In fact you may very well be a very loving, caring, generous person, and probably are. The sort of person who loves to volunteer and see children smile. But you royally screwed up your personal life because you listened to Hollywood and your own run-after-the-alpha-male instinct. If your parents gave you any personal advice, you ignored them and dismissed them as being old-fashioned and out-of-touch with what it takes to get a dominant man.

And now you're left with a big bag of broken heart and zero faith. The beta-males have now aged and become as emotionally intelligent as you, a day you thought would never come. They can smell this about you; the distrust. The fear. The cunning and waiting manipulation. The permanent loss of faith.

On top of everything lies the fact that in the case of divorce (which you are but a stone's throw away from), you get everything and your ex-husband is treated like a slave, quite literally. So you are, in essence, a landmine. If a man does not step carefully he is blown apart by you, especially financially. So your emotional stability - or lack thereof - is absolutely everything to a man, and you have not been taking care of yours.

Your moral integrity is as important as your reproductive integrity. Anyone telling you anything different IS LYING TO YOU (usually in order to extract money from you for fashion items or else for a cause - cough, feminism, cough).

Listen up: we want no part of it. None. We've seen two dozen girls like you and we know how this ends. With us getting tired of waiting for you to "come around," emotionally and mentally, and be vulnerable with us, or else we're convinced even when moving forward with you one of your hands has a divorce lawyer on speed dial. All while we question your ability to endure in a marriage. We know you hold ALL men in low esteem due to the actions of a few and we remember being passed over by the younger and prettier version of you cruising the jocks who everyone knew were only after sex (yes, the men are bitter too).

On the list of accomplishments of any decent man is "the love of a good woman." If you've thrown away your emotional integrity, you are not one of those.

In short, you've wasted far too much of what you had to offer and much of that is due to the environment you are living in; but ultimately you are responsible for what has happened to you, and if you don't find that version of you that is BETTER, morally speaking, than most men out there, you will die as you live now: broken and alone, being dated occasionally and left often.

Better wake up and see what's happening. And what's more, demand this setup you've been lured into be changed. ELIMINATE all divorce laws, DEMAND marriage before sex (thereby culling any man not serious about you), and let the chips fall where they may. You might even see romance make a comeback. Wouldn't that be just terrible.

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