Monday, March 14, 2016

Young, Pretty, Educated and.....


Here is another brainwashed fool. She advocates for a matriarchy - a female dominated culture. Those have been tried and have all failed.


Further, we don't have a real MALE-dominated culture. We have a culture dominated by LIBERAL MALES. Women don't even fully understand what it is they are rebelling against (doesn't help your credibility ladies). Corrupt, paid-for politicians. Non-earning fathers and husbands. Men who have slept around from a young age (with all-too willing, stupid, young girls). Men who "see nothing wrong" with premarital sex (means more STDs), no-fault divorce, easy-access abortion (lesser reason to avoid premarital sex), women voting (it results in a massive welfare state and high taxes), the sort of economic policies that minimize men's earnings and require a two-income family (women love to work until they have children, then its a burden), and basically support any of the crap out of Hollywood.

Women have been DUPED into this liberal-dominated society, and then they wake up after their 5th sexual partner, with no boyfriend, with their looks diminishing, and they want change. They want more political power. They want laws that FORCE and GOVERN even your legal behavior. Laws against possession, against ownership, setting prices, etc.. When you lose control you seek a tighter grasp and this just hastens your spiral into zero control and total blowup. Don't believe me? Talk to someone from a former communist culture. When there were virtually NO rules, NO state interference in marriage, the marriage rate was 95%. The divorce rate was a rounding error. A woman could step out of the front door and hit half a dozen conservative, married men with a rock. Now women are pissed at what they've helped to create (except for very young women who are totally and utterly clueless). I don't blame them. The world is now set up to USE them for short-term financial gains and sex. AND THAT IS ALL.

Their solution? Total female control. The result of that? The final collapse.

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