Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Casual Sex Finally Overdone

Apparently having random sex with people you barely know enough to even GREET afterwards has lost its appeal. I'm still struggling with how that seemed appealing to begin with. Sex with someone you don't really know leaves you feeling vacant and hollow the next morning. And rather ashamed. Hopefully no one has learned that the hard way, but Christ after learning it once what's the big hurry to learn it again and again? These people have done it to the point where there is practically no one left at the party to sleep with! One word: Yuck. I hope you're all proud of yourselves. You act like emotionless zombies. That's possible, genetically and hormonally for the men, but for the women!?!?!? That kind of behavior doesn't make women exactly feel good. So wtf are they doing? Acting out of desperation and loneliness I imagine - hoping one of these guys turns out to have fallen in love with them and begs them for marriage. That's nearly a good plan... all except for the sleeping with him part. That's the problem when women accept sex SO LIGHTLY and before marriage - they worry, and rightly so, that if they fail to give a man sex that he'll simply find a woman who will give him sex. And this is where that system ultimately ends up - everyone screwed and no one married. I rest my case.

Young People Aren't Having Sex In New York Anymore, Says Young Man Who Works At A Hedge Fund
Courtney Comstock

Twenty-somethings In New York City are not getting laid anymore and they don't really care about it, according to a reporter from the Observer who visited a number of parties and bars this weekend.

The observer was startled by the number of people *not* going home together at the end of the night, but everyone at the parties told him it was pretty normal.

“New York is too dense; you’re running into people all the time, everyone knows everyone,” said a male consultant in his mid-20s. “Sex just doesn’t make sense—it’s dirty.”

He continued - “It’s gross to be, like, at a party and there’s five people you’ve had sex with, but you don’t really even have a relationship with them to the point that you’d even say hi.

“I’ve noticed that happen at parties here. It’s just … awkward. It’s come to a point where people don’t necessarily want to do that anymore.”

A little background on the people at these parties: they were also smoking cigarettes, doing cocaine, and updating their Twitter.

In the end, the conclusion is that we're obsessed with ourselves, so we're too busy working and getting ahead to get any in bed.

“Capitalism has replaced sex,” a model told the Observer.

The best explanation (in our 20-something opinion) came from a young man who works at a hedge fund who offered his input:

“Twenty-somethings are wary of sex."

“It’s not 1998.”

In other words, we're smarter, so we know that sex could be a health risk, and we don't want anything bad to happen to us, so we go overboard and avoid sex altogether, as an extra precaution to protect our precious selves.

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