Thursday, March 24, 2011


This blog is about my personal gripes, complaints, observations and problems with society and the behavior of men and women. It is not, as some have observed, a woman-hating site. I, and other separated or divorced men like me, do not hate women. In fact, despite being persecuted, lied to, cheated on, stripped of any and all assets, stolen from, threatened, plundered, kept from my child for over a year, accused of being everything but a white man, and having my rights as a free citizen essentially stripped from me, I do not hate women. "Women" did not do that to me. The state of Massachusetts, its many lawyers, crooked politicians and the money they receive from "women's" organizations which are little more than a collection of well-funded, bitter, man-hating, emotional, foolish, overzealous despots did that to me and many other men. Many women find what happened to me to be as appalling as I do and further demand equality in every area between the sexes as this is supposed to be a nation in which discrimination is repugnant and unconstitutional.

I have friends that went to all women colleges - steadfast supporters of women's rights and they personally estimated due child support to my ex at being half to one-third of what I was actually forced to pay before the order was given to me.

Furthermore, the most gallant and brave people in the western world, in my opinion, are second wives. They endure an environment that would make a saint balk. They deal with having less money, fewer resources and less time with their children and husband because the man's first wife has been given full legal reign to everything he has and will ever earn ever again. Despite the appalling and outrageous "punishment" (for what crime?) handed to their husbands, they stand by him with love and devotion, the kind that quite frankly qualifies as supernatural: as Holy. They love not only their own children but those of another woman. They are ethereal, to me they are surreal. And it is their example, their patience, their virtue, their understanding, to which we should all aspire. Despite every right to dispose of a very distasteful and inconvenient life, despite every consideration to an unhindered existence being removed from them, they endure and they love. Quite frankly they deserve a monument at the very least, for theirs is a life free from that which corrupts the rest of us. The N.O.W. sponsored message of the 19 year old bimbo who "stole" the good, rich family man is untrue but for the slim minority of millionaire playboys. Nevertheless, greater society has been taught to hate a man's second wife and see her as a ruthless and hungry sex doll who ruined the virtuous and faithful first wife: nothing could be further from the truth.

Take it from the horse's mouth:

My ex is something of a pest but she does not (yet) qualify as a poison. Next to other women I've heard told of she could be a model citizen; I have heard of some men's ex wives constantly plotting against them: telling the children their father is a rapist, thief, cheapskate, fool, an imbecile who does not love them and never will despite all facts to the contrary. I've heard and seen women interfere with visitation, promise to be somewhere for drop-off or pickup and at the last moment arbitrarily demand all plans be changed, create arguments where they don't otherwise exist, swear, shout, insult and generally act like the disgusting, filthy armpit of society. To witness these people and bear with their child-like tantrums and outrageous, destructive behavior would prompt most to award medals of valor and bravery to anyone who would suffer such women in any conditions at any time. In my own case court social workers quickly identified me as being the stable, sane parent and identified my ex for being the lying, conniving white trash that she is; I was told I would have to "deal with her. Put up with her and learn how to manage her and her unstable behavior." In other words I would act as a kind of surreptitious therapist for her, making sure she had enough money and didn't ruin my son - all of this for a grown, college educated adult? (aside: My demands that I be given custody of my son and the crazy lady be left to work and live on "her own" were dismissed as being too "harsh" for her). Seeing no repercussions for her insane and fitful outbursts my ex has gotten progressively worse over the years and I have no doubt my child will voluntarily leave her custody as soon as he has the legal right to.

Further, as one who has gone through it, I can personally speak to the TRAUMA that one suffers at the hands of family court. The entire mindset from moment 1 of everyone in family court from the clerks up to the judges is that the woman is the victim and the man must "take care" of her, especially financially, as if she were another child. Male judges are the worst perpetrators of this myth, but I had a female judge and she didn't exactly hold my ex accountable for her behavior. For YEARS after being financially sodomized in a courtroom which my taxes help pay for I looked at other women as one thing and one thing only: a threat. Dating becomes a game of russian roulette. And try not sleeping with a Western woman after 2 months and convincing her that you still like her. These people, nice or not, should I become involved with them and should they become pregnant, even if accidentally, could take whatever was left of my life and flush it down the toilet for any reason or no reason. I was, legally speaking, with the birth of a child, TOTALLY at their mercy, and I knew it, whether they did or not. DESPITE this fact I, and many other men like me, found a way to see through the fear and understand that it was still worth the risk to care for a woman. The fact that men get remarried in the very state that stakes a permanent claim to half of what is theirs, risking in fact, all they have left, is not just love, it is faith. To maintain faith in people after others like them have ruined you, is no small thing, and it is deserving of admiration and respect. I take umbrage with anyone who claims otherwise.

End Post.

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