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The Deal is something I've been meaning to talk about for quite some time. The Deal is very important as The Deal is what makes life life, its what makes everything hold together or else fall apart and send us all into a French-like stupor of existentialism.

Rule #1: The Deal is The Deal. Modifications are few and seldom work.

Rule #2: See Rule #1.

Rule #3: The Deal belongs to no one. No one owns The Deal. It is not my idea and it does not belong to me or you or Muhammed or baby Jesus or anyone else. So just leave it alone and roll with it. Admire it like you would a well constructed math equation that seems terribly complex and terribly simple all at the same time.

Rule #4: The Deal is itself. Its not a new self-help craze. Its not a new therapy or theory or mode of thinking or any of that non-sensical crap. The Deal is like that old stone on the old mountain that returns the same question to you when you ask it "How did you get here?"

Rule #5 The Deal is self-evident. Its not open to interpretation or revision. The Deal simply is. You obey The Deal or you suffer the consequences.

Rule #6: The Deal does not punish, it does not hate. It simply is. See previous rule.

Rule #7: The Deal is known by those who have come to understand it through experience. Those who have "guessed at" what The Deal is and failed know who they are and will doubt the existence of The Deal because they are afraid they cannot respect The Deal.

Rule #8: The Deal must be respected. I repeat, respect The Deal at all times. The Deal is your friend, even when it doesn't seem like it. Disrespecting The Deal is disrespecting yourself if you have entered and agreed to The Deal.

Rule #9: The Deal is immutable. It was invented by your grandfather's grandfather's grandfather. The Deal is so old and so final, the last person that remembers revising it was last seen on a mountain top writing on stone tablets.

Rule #10: The Deal incorporates the laws of nature, physics, psychology, time, love, hate, and the Holy Spirit of the universe. There is no getting around the deal, not with explanations, rationalizations, ideologies or claptrap. The Deal is as hard and fast as the stars, sun and ocean. Do not try to circumvent The Deal. You will fail and will be punished by cosmic powers you cannot begin to understand.

Rule #11: No one really invented The Deal. It came into being like tadpoles who freakishly mutated from single-cell protozoa 2 billion years ago. Looking for The Deal's founder results in lots of lost time and unanswered questions.

Rule #12: The Deal is not really mysterious, and it can be trusted. Its one of those things that holds up a mirror when you ask it questions. Frustrating, I know.

Rule #13: A tip: Try to think of The Deal as you would a metaphysical God: at the end of the day, its just a reflection of you and what you think and say and do. If you believe it exists to help you, than it does; if you think otherwise, then that may be your reality.

Rule #14: Try to reinvent The Deal if you want, but just be sure to catalog your failures. Success in this vein will be only temporary, no matter how long it lasts.

You're probably confused at this point. That's fine. Most people are confused. It'll end.

Men and women are very, very different creatures. Please remember that. While they may want the same things at the end of the day, they go about getting these things in VERY different ways. They are very different from birth and the estranged relationship between boys and girls in puberty and continuing through adolescence and on into adulthood for many should be your first clue.

We once had a very clear and obvious deal between men and women. In foreign, "conservative" countries, we still do. People will argue that The Deal in those countries is too rigid. Perhaps. Perhaps not. It really matters not for us. Everyone will fine tune their Deal. But the fact that it exists and is largely immutable is pretty self-evident. When you figure out how to abide by The Deal, you're find yourself in it. Until then, you'll stand outside and probably criticize it. But it won't do you any good. Because everybody wants to be part of The Deal in some way. Its just the way we're made, for better or worse.

The Deal usually goes something like this. You're mileage may vary.

A man needs to feel like a man and a woman needs to feel like a woman.

Neither you nor I nor the self-anointed "social engineers" can change the above fact. And if you leave people alone and let them follow their instincts that's what they will do. The men will do what feels natural to them and the women will do what feels natural to them. Read "As Nature Made Him: The Boy Who Was Raised as a Girl." Attempts to make a boy into a girl were as fruitless and pathetic as trying to turn water into fire. Boys are boys and girls are girls. And that's ok. These creatures are not inherently evil and with time they will find their way into cooperative long-term relationships. But it must be done with care and some kind of structure.

Read Marcus Aurelius. What is this thing that we question? What does it do? What is in its nature? You can talk a man or woman into accepting ideas they don't naturally have, into behaving in ways that are foreign to them, or to modify their behavior in ways that they find to be strange and uncomfortable, all in the name of some kind of social agenda or social responsibility, but regardless of what everyone is persuaded or "convinced" to do.... a man has to feel like a man and a woman has to feel like a woman.

This is easy to spot if you listen to the complaints of men and women. Look at what they buy and what they ask for or even demand. Men follow sex: sexy women, women who dress in an attractive way, women who exude sexuality, who are healthy and strong and work to remain so. Women follow love and romance. They need to feel adored, worshipped, romanced, loved, needed, wanted, cherished, etc.. They also want powerful men with resources, and the intelligence to acquire them. Women draw men with sex appeal, men draw women with the allure of money, power and romance or some derivative thereof.

What's happening today is that education has been tailor-made for women and men are failing to qualify for and apply to higher education opportunities and eventually become low-earners while the exact opposite is happening to women.

This is major problem #1. After getting that high-powered medical or legal degree and making big money, the woman tries to find - not her equal - but a superior, conquering male to romance her. With all due respect, BWAHAHAHAHAHA. She has no idea the powers that ensured she got that degree (no honey, it wasn't all on your own, that would be the case 50 years ago) also ensure she received it AT THE EXPENSE OF the men who would've otherwise qualified and applied. With the number of DESIREABLE men (defined above) available drastically reduced, many women have taken to pairing with an INFERIOR male (yes that's how they see it), and their complaints are easily seen and expected: that they out earn their husband, that he's not romantic, not "successful," does not "try hard enough" (in general), and/or isn't a real "man."

Men for the most part, complain that they're wives aren't home enough, don't do enough house work or child rearing, out-earn them at work, are married to their jobs, are too tired for sex, are out of shape, don't cook often, and otherwise do not "take care of themselves."

Men aren't conquering and providing and have been crowded out from the positions that would allow them to do so. Women aren't being romanced, coveted or conquered because quite frankly the men feel like pussies and don't control the requisite money, power or resources that their fathers and grandfathers did.

In short, The Deal is not being respected: men don't feel like men and women don't feel like women. The solution? Whatever is necessary to correct the imbalance. I'm not suggesting women go home and put on an apron all day every day, but seeing as it is very many WOMEN demanding proper "men" once again, I suggest the educational changes be made truly equal to both genders and that more traditional gender roles be embraced. Because quite frankly, at the current rate, boys are slipping further and further behind until the amount of men left will literally be fought over by the hordes of women out in the workplace. I'm already hearing stories of women chasing and/or screwing the husbands of other women, such is the lack of available, AND DESIRABLE men. It is so bad, I have actually literally overheard conversations in which high earning women (they identified themselves as dentists) complained they couldn't find any men and the ones they did find were divorced and kept so little of the salary they earned (men are routinely forced to pay up to 40% or more of their salary after taxes in child support and alimony), that they (the women) would obviously be forced to pay for much more of things (such as dinner), even while dating said men. The women delighted on this subject in haughty tones of frustration as the "perfect" upper-class lives they had constructed for themselves were simply missing the other half - the even higher-earning man.

These women are perfect examples of what has happened to The Deal. It has been stolen away, distorted, corrupted and generally ruined. The women have become the earners and conquerers, the "real men" are few and far between and the leftovers are sorted through like discarded garbage by women who hope they are lucky enough to find a decent piece without too much mold. The women are frustrated and lonely, the men are dejected, broke, depressed and frustrated and the "social engineers," comprised of feminazis, lawyers, and the twisted state and federal politicians who rig education curriculum (17 yr. old boys being asked to read Emily Bronte?) and divorce laws at the behest of special interest groups like the well-funded National Organization for Women, are generally pleased and want things to continue to "progress" - that is, continue to get even worse than they are now.

Bear in mind WHO constructed our current system of broken men, empowered women and rapacious divorce laws that favor women 90% of the time. It was no accident. People constructed this system and this system provides incentives for women to get divorced and take sole custody of the children, the system provides incentives for violent disagreement and custody battles that drag on for years, the system has left men unable to provide and women longing for someone with the power to. The system never used to be like this. The system used to discourage what is now encouraged. The system used to reward the married for staying married, but now tantalizes and seduces us into divorce. The system is rigged by those who profit from it and nothing more than that. Now....

Let's examine the issue from foreign eyes. Go to Saudi Arabia, India, anywhere in the middle east, northern Africa or anywhere outside the western world and Australia, and ask a stranger in the street why most of the students in the Universities aren't women and not men? That women should be assuming the bulk of the high-paying jobs and that men should be bringing up the rear, so to speak. They would look at you cross-eyed and ask about the inevitable: "what about the children?"

"What?" you would respond.

"The children" they would say. "Women have children. Look around. How do you think you got here?"

You would say, "That's no big deal, both parents will work or else the man could stay home."

They would say, "But women want to feel close to their children and raise them themselves. Men want to work and provide."

You would respond with what you've been taught "No. Women want careers. Men must provide or else they should be punished for not providing, regardless. Women should have the flexibility to work and have a family. Men should do more of a woman's job at home such as cooking, cleaning and raising the kids so that she can have a career."

They would say "But that's too confusing. Who knows what to do and when? How can the man provide if he has to be at home cooking, cleaning and child rearing? To do well in your career, man or woman, you have to work very hard. He can't do both and women like men who earn plenty of money and work hard, so why can't he just do that? She could have a career too, sure, but who will raise the kids? Women won't feel like women if they work and the man stays home, will they? Won't they feel sad they don't see their children? Won't they be around other men all day? If they work hard, they'll probably be at work a lot and wind up falling in love with another man and then getting divorced."

Not sure what you would say to that other than "Not true." (even though it is demonstrably true).

The National Organization for Women would say "Then its all his fault. He should've tried harder. Men don't try as hard as women and statistics show they leave them constantly (total lie). He was going to leave her anyway, so it doesn't matter. Men are all evil and they only cheat, so just give her the kids and all of his money."

They would say "But a man isn't just his money. The children need a father. They have problems without a father. Besides, most women like having a man who does the hard work of punishing the kids, or doling out discipline. Besides, who will teach our sons to grow up to become men? They need to learn how to treat a woman with respect and how to work hard and provide for their families. And what will the man do if he is divorced? How can he have another family if you give all his money to the first one?"

You or N.O.W. would give more rationales, more excuses, more explanation, none of which would directly answer their questions satisfactorily.

Then they would raise an eyebrow and say: I see; "Ok, thanks for stopping by."

And then they would go home and let everyone know how crazy Westerners like you are to think men - creatures without breasts with milk that are used to feed babies - will stay at home and care for a baby that is hungry for breast milk every 2 hours. That we think men should be thrown out of their homes on their wife's whim and bankrupted, that families should be torn apart at the slightest problem, that children should grow up fatherless, that families should contain children from different husbands and wives, that this somehow has no catastrophic emotional damage on men, women, and children, that the fabric of society should be treated with such carelessness and disdain, that marriage is fleeting, easy and not to be trusted, that divorce could actually make you feel better and solve all of your problems, that your problems come before that of your spouse and your children.

AND THEN, every person in town would look at you the way most people in those countries look at Westerners today. And now you know why.

Even MENTION this in a Western nation or, GASP, to a Western woman, and you'll be drawn and quartered at high noon. Led by very, very angry unmarried feminazis who are convinced every man ought to be exterminated for reasons which boil down to one-sided personal biases - easily recognized as such: men are heartless and only interested in sex, men are shallow and untrustworthy, men are insensitive animals who cannot love, men leave women because they are wicked beasts, women are always innocent and gentle and pure and the wicked men don't deserve them, etc., etc. [the millions of happily married men and their wives are simply ignored as living, breathing facts to the contrary of all of these pathetic arguments].

Divorce court used to be about discovering who violated The Deal and holding them accountable. Now there is no discovery and the man is butchered unless his wife is so crazy she glows in the dark. This disrespects The Deal. This helps make The Deal seem less unimportant and fleeing when it is anything but. There are consequences for violating The Deal. Once entered into it must be respected. But now we have people being punished even though they were not the ones who violated The Deal - this has destroyed the institution of marriage and made everyone question the wisdom of The Deal. But The Deal is the same. And disrespecting it or attempting to destroy it out of fear, self-loathing and anxiety does not work. Because The Deal is not out to get you. Its here to help you. And ruining The Deal simply ruins us all, starting with those who are prepared and willing to love. And that is not just wrong, but a recipe for the dissolution of the nuclear family and the pair bond between men and women which is so critical to the fabric of society as a whole.

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