Tuesday, April 26, 2011

If I Hear One More Time....

Today on the radio a woman called in to complain about how unfair life is for her. It was a "conservative" radio channel. The host was VERY sympathetic with her.

This was her strife:

She received no public assistance with childcare costs: daycare, food, clothing, etc., while she knew "at least 10" people who, due to low income or other factors, did. They also received housing assistance in the form of section 8 vouchers and/or child support from their children's father(s). This woman received none of this because she made a good income and her child's father had either successfully fled the state or else had some kind of problem that prevented him from paying any child support of any significance (she was rambling, I didn't catch all of that part) - at this point the host jumped in a demanded that it was a father's job AS A MAN to pay for his children - she vehemently agreed.

I must reply to this woman and so I shall:

1) Yes, its terrible that your tax money is going to help those who may be intentionally not helping themselves. My ex received public assistance at one point and firmly believes she deserves more; essentially she believes she deserves much of other people's money. This is absurd. The point of America is that you work hard but get to keep all that you earn. Minor redistribution of wealth by the state is to be tolerated, at best. Massive redistribution of wealth is called COMMUNISM and is not what the Constitution, Bill of Rights or Declaration of Independence guarantees, either in word or spirit. Communism and even some forms of socialism (the twisted kinds) are nothing but ways and means to pervert the freedom of some or many to the benefit of the few, and in some cases, the "few" are lazy, stupid, irresponsible, dysfunctional or all of the above. To see my ex from the outside you would think she was genuinely in need. To listen to her you would think she had been exploited and harmed. To know her, you'd throw up. She has a college education (an expensive one), but quit her white-collar job to work THREE DAYS PER WEEK as a masseuse. Then she has the gall to think I owe her even more than I pay her in "child" support.


No one owes this woman anything. No one. She's a perfectly healthy, educated and very intelligent 33 year old. The sick, children, elderly, and mentally handicapped cannot genuinely care for themselves and may not have family who can. They can request help. 33 year old college grads who quit middle class jobs deserve squat.

Further many people who need assistance because the politicians have worked with business leaders (Corporate whores) to TOTALLY pervert the domestic economy; foreign countries, especially Asian ones, have lifted even the most basic labor and environmental laws and offer labor and overhead costs that leave America just too damn expensive by comparison. Further, dollar depreciation (Inflation, that is, just printing more money) by the private bank the "Federal" Reserve Board has further made living and raising children in America harder and harder.

Should some people receive assistance in light of these factors? Unrealistically, no. That way, as these factors made living impossible, food riots and revolution would've corrected the problem, starting by implementing tariffs on Chinese imports. Realistically, yes, the very poor - those NOT COLLEGE EDUCATED, unskilled and GENUINELY unable to keep from starving - must have some assistance. The states, borrowing truckloads of cash thanks to interest rates (set by the Federal Reserve Board) at 100-year lows, threw a lot of that money into programs they can't realistically fund long-term. Further, such programs, once started, in many cases encourage those "on the bubble" of being able to help themselves from poor to lower-middle-class STOP their efforts in order to remain "on the dole." This is absurd as well.

As to this woman's claim that she deserves to receive anything from her children's father, the best she deserves is to split costs with the man for the kids. Why? BECAUSE MEN AND WOMEN ARE EQUALS. Oh, and by the way, under current law, if her deadbeat ex had by some miracle nabbed custody of the kids, she would loose up to 50% of her after tax income, BUT WOULD HAVE MANY OF THE SAME BILLS FOR HOUSING THE KIDS as they would sleepover on visits. Its a situation that's damn close to visiting your own kids a few times a month, but having ALL THE SAME BILLS AS IF THEY LIVED WITH YOU, yet with ONLY HALF the income. Thousands of divorced men go through this every day and sit late at night staring at calculators asking them questions with no answers through tight lips and watery eyes. Unfortunately this woman doesn't have that nightmare. That's too bad.

Further, she asserts that BY VIRTUE OF BEING A MAN, her ex should support the kids (for all practical purposes they are now solely her kids). #1: No man should pay one nickel for kids he doesn't get to see - for men that voluntarily run away, that's another matter. #2: Since she talks about his role as a man, WHAT IS HER ROLE AS A MOTHER? What about as a WIFE? Did she fulfill her role? Or did she drive him away? Did one of them cheat? Did she? At best she is entitled to HALF custody and split expenses for the kids. She wasn't married it sounds like and if that's the case SHE IS NOT ENTITLED TO ANYTHING FOR HERSELF FROM HIM. As she said, she makes a good wage; her bills are hers and his bills are his and they have nothing to do with each other. If he doesn't make any money that's his problem. And if she doesn't, that's her problem. ONE IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THE OTHER, PERIOD. These people are adults. The kids are the issue here and the only issue: since men and women are equal, with equal access to jobs, money and resources (eat your phony statistics), child costs must be split. There. Done.

Further I have too many times heard women whine about not receiving enough "child" support because they make a decent wage. I want to ask them "So you expect to make a great wage and keep much of your ex's money as well? When did you imagine yourself to be a little, spoiled, child princess? Because you're not a little girl anymore! You are a grown woman. You can take care of yourself! Marriage is no picnic. Unless your ex was a dysfunctional monster you deserve NOTHING of his. You keep your money and he keeps his. Child expenses split. WHO THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE expecting his money? Does he expect yours?"

Enough of the female "insurance policy." No more woman "guarantee" whereby if you fuck up your relationship with your child's father, he or someone else foots the bill for your children. That's insane and its gone on for years. Children depend on their father, many times financially. So I suggest, women of the world, you either keep your husband happy or help support them or both. Frankly it seems easier to me for many women to simply be moms and wives and forget about working. THAT'S FINE! It makes for clean homes, hot meals, happy husbands and happy children who are kept out of trouble! Somewhere along the line women were convinced they needed a big shot career and 30 years later have discovered THEY ARE NO BETTER OFF for it. That in fact, TO THEM, their relationship was more important. Men have no choice. They must work, they must make money for their family to live. Women had a choice, and still do. If most (not all) women decided to put men first when it came to work they would find a curious side-effect: their own happiness.

In the meantime, please, for the sake of baby Jesus and all the seraphims, cherubs and in the name of St. Peter himself, SPARE ME the I'm-not-that-well-off-because-my-ex-doesn't-give-me-every-cent-he-has story.

Want pity? Then tell me you give your ex $1,200/month after taxes on a $50,000/year income and are expected to support another family - buy a $10k+ wedding ring, house, cars, the works - when you live on just over $2k a month and pay $1k/month in rent.

You wouldn't tell me that. Because after the judge did that to you you would've walked out of court and onto a plane and tried to forget the silly clown-rape that was just perpetrated on you by the joke called a court of justice; a court that did it "on behalf of the kids" and you'd sell pineapples to tourists in Antigua before being someone else's slave in the "free" U.S. of A. You'd probably even join a ultra conservative religion and be happy you were living in a place where people didn't throw you in jail for refusing to be someone else's slave.

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