Sunday, April 17, 2011

Market Ticker: The Government helping anyone BUT you.

The Federal Reserve a private bank, in up to their neck in the foreclosure mess, and government 'officials' do nothing while they do all they can to help the banks screw you over.

Federal Reserve: They Broke The Law

but nobody cares.... (including us)

The reviews found critical weaknesses in servicers’ foreclosure governance processes, foreclosure document preparation processes, and oversight and monitoring of third-party vendors, including foreclosure attorneys.While it is important to note that findings varied across institutions, the weaknesses at each servicer, individually or collectively, resulted in unsafe and unsound practices and violations of applicable federal and state law and requirements.

There it is. If it was illegal, why isn't each instance of that illegality punished?

Then there are the "really cute" things, such as this:

The loan-file reviews showed that borrowers subject to foreclosure in the reviewed files were seriously delinquent on their loans.

It did? Why just a few paragraphs earlier the same report said:

The file reviews did not include a complete analysis of the payment history of each loan prior to foreclosure or potential mortgage-servicing issues outside of the foreclosure process. Accordingly, examiners may not have uncovered cases of misapplied payments or unreasonable fees, particularly when these actions occurred prior to the default that led to the foreclosure action. The foreclosure-file reviews also may not have uncovered certain facts related to the processing of a foreclosure that would lead an examiner to conclude that a foreclosure otherwise should not have proceeded, such as undocumented communications between a servicer employee and the borrower in which the employee told the borrower he or she had to be delinquent on the loan to qualify for a modification.

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