Thursday, May 19, 2011

Indian Killed for Carving Wood

Not running at a cop with the knife over his head and screaming. Not throwing a knife at a cop.

A native American woodcarver carving wood on the side of the street, SHOT FIVE TIMES AND KILLED after being told to "drop the knife."

When asked why he shot him, the officer said, "He was sitting there carving the wood with the knife; I told him to drop it and he didn't so I took him down."

Fellow Officer: "Good Job."

Me: Just what the fuck did they teach you idiots at the police academy?!?!!?!?

This was murder. I mean, WHAT THE %$^$&*#$$% WAS THAT COP THINKING? I've held a gun and held a knife. When you have a gun, you're not too afraid of people with knives, especially at a distance. This cop is a trigger-happy psycho.

If he did have to shoot him (HIGHLY doubtful), what is wrong with one or two shots in the leg? FIVE TIMES AT CLOSE RANGE? Against a man NOT CARRYING A FIREARM?


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