Thursday, May 26, 2011

Going to Go Against the Men on This One

As anyone knows, I give most men the benefit of the doubt, especially in a court of law, where you must be convicted "beyond a shadow of a doubt," and especially when the alleged "victim" is too drunk to remember much.

But this case stinks to high Hell.

Two ON DUTY cops were called to help a drunk woman out of a cab. That means she was so drunk someone thought to call the police - THE POLICE - those folks PAID BY THE TAXPAYERS to SERVE AND PROTECT. And here was their chance to do so.

What happened?

No one is sure. They took her up to her apartment and let themselves in.

And then stayed a while. The woman claims she woke up and was being raped by one of the cops.

The cops declare one of them was asleep ON HER COUCH and the other was "cuddling with her to comfort her."

WTF is that, I ask? You guys get paid to assist the public. Assisting here meant getting her in the front door and getting the fuck out of her PRIVATE RESIDENCE. In fact, I'd be happier if you left her in the hallway if that wasn't also a little risky. WITH NO WARRANT, YOU ARE NOT TO ENTER A PRIVATE RESIDENCE. PERIOD. This case warranted a little dash into her place to set her down.

And that's what they should've done.

Instead one decided to get a little "cuddle time?" And for whose benefit was that!?!?!? She was too drunk to consent to ANYTHING including holding her hand. You set her down and walk away. Instead he lies down with her? To do what, read her a story? And the other cop decided to sleep on her couch. WHY? Its not his couch. IS HE STUPID? Is he making himself at home?!?! He has no right to be there. Period.

These things make me EXTREMELY suspicious that these two clowns were up to no good.

When a woman is drunk most guys will tell you they do and say things they ordinarily wouldn't do and say. Many men have probably gotten things they otherwise wouldn't have gotten. I don't blame men for this. They will naturally gravitate to sex with a woman. Women ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THEMSELVES - THAT MEANS WHAT YOU DO WHEN YOU ARE DRUNK IS YOUR PROBLEM. PERIOD.

But these men - POLICEMEN - showed up KNOWING this lady was drunk and were asked TO HELP HER. If this woman stripped naked in her apartment and demanded a threesome, these cops should know enough to politely refuse, turn around and walk straight out. Instead they made themselves at home and it seems may very well have taken advantage of her, KNOWING she was drunk. Later they even lied to get back to her block and speak to her. What hoodlums.

Later this woman met with one of the cops (how did she get his contact info?) and asked him if he wore a condom during their sex. He said he didn't have sex with her, but when she asked him this question he said "Yes," but later said he was just trying to calm her down. This guy is doing this girl way too many favors. What he should've done was left her the Hell alone. Further, I think he did have sex with her. She was setting him up and that's entrapment, but frankly, he's a cop and she's not. He can clearly get away with more than the average person can: the entrapment was justified. He had no business being in her place longer than it took to set her down and he did commit a crime. What happened? HE WALKED. And his sleeze-bag partner too. They were fired as cops - these days, that's quite something, considering off-duty cops that physically assault people in front of witnesses WALK SCOTT FREE without even losing EMPLOYMENT OR RANK. Rape might've been a stretch given there was little physical evidence; and that's really horrible because the lack of evidence is due to the fact she was drunk and immobile and the cops knew this and exploited it, CLEARLY. Motive is also HUGE here. Why would she want to cuddle with a total stranger? She wouldn't. Period.

BTW, ladies, take a hint here: DON'T GET FALL DOWN DRUNK. Ever wonder why conservative cultures like Islam insist women don't drink? ITS NOT FOR THE MEN'S SAKE!

No one MUST help you, and now it appears you can't even trust the cops!

Given this woman's totally inebriated state and some physical evidence, along with the fact these men WERE IN HER APARTMENT MUCH, MUCH, MUCH LONGER THAN NECESSARY with one near the door and one IN HER BEDROOM WITH HER, these guys were on VERY thin ice. Then he affirms to her that he "wore a condom." Sexual Assault or Gross Sexual Misconduct seemed a given here at least. Rape also possible. Instead they walked. SCOTT FREE.

You want to trust a cop these days? HOW DO YOU TELL THE GOOD FROM THE BAD. These two idiots couldn't even help a drunk woman to her own apartment without getting mixed up in mischief.

By the way, the perp in question was a SEVENTEEN YEAR POLICE VETERAN.

By Pei-Sze Cheng

Two NYPD officers were cleared of rape and burglary charges but found guilty of official misconduct in the case of a woman who said she was assaulted when the officers brought her home after a night of drinking.

A jury deliberated seven days and on Thursday acquitted Kenneth Moreno, 43, and Franklin Mata, 29, of the most serious charges in the December 2008 incident, including several counts of falsifying business records.

"I'm glad it's over," an emotional Moreno said outside court.

"I just want to get on with my life," Mata said.

Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said later that the official misconduct conviction "warrants immediate termination from the department" and said the officers would be fired from the NYPD "today."

On the night of the incident, Moreno and Mata were initially called to help the drunken woman out of a cab. Prosecutors argued that when they took her up to her apartment, Moreno raped her while Mata stood as a lookout. Both officers denied the charges.

The accuser testified that she was so drunk she did not remember parts of the night, but told the jury that she woke up in her bed as she was being raped.

During testimony in court, Moreno said he cuddled with the woman to try and comfort her because she was ill from drinking, but said no sex took place. Mata testified that he was asleep on the woman's couch while his partner was in the other room.

Moreno did make a fake 911 call about a vagrant so that they had an excuse to return to the woman's block.

No DNA evidence was presented in the case, and experts were divided over whether an internal mark on the woman was the result of a rape. A doctor testifying for the defense said he didn't interpret it as evidence of rape.

The woman had secretly taped Moreno in an encounter a few days later, and he denied they'd had sex. But he also said "yes" when she asked if he had worn a condom. He later said he was trying to calm her down because she was threatening him.

Mata was on the force for about five years and Moreno for 17.

Defense attorney Joseph Tacopina said outside court that "we're obviously elated with this verdict today."

They face up to one year in prison for the misconduct charge and are set to be sentenced on June 28.

Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance said in a statement that prosecutors "respect the jury's verdict, which acknowledges that the defendants' actions that night not only violated the law, they violated the victim's rights, and the public's trust."

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