Monday, August 01, 2011

Read the below and you will know how a man can come to have extreme views on women and feminism and the judicial/police DV "establishment."

What is described below is the most heinous form of predatory entrapment I've ever seen in my life. The cops were in on it, a man's ex-wife, who should be assumed to be out for personal gain and not public gain, was in on it.

The point of this story, readers, is that you cannot make assumptions about someone when others are sent in to alter their behavior purposely and radically. If I shoved a gun in your face and you panicked and did something rash or stupid and I hauled you into court and tried to have your children taken from you, using the highly unusual circumstance as evidence that you do rash and stupid things and therefore do not deserve access to your own children, you would roar that the circumstances are 1) HIGHLY unusual and rare and 2) Setup for the sole purpose of vilifying you and therefore are untrustworthy. In other words, you would be arguing that you were entrapped.

You would be right.

Let's suppose a lonely woman, divorced, with 3 kids and no money meets her dream man online and is wildly excited, even if she's quite apprehensive about telling him she's divorced with 3 kids. He shows up, handsome and well dressed, takes her out for a romantic evening, makes her laugh, kisses her goodnight and sets up another date. Then he does the same again and also gets a few drinks in her. After she's inebriated he manages to take her back to his place for a little sex. She is head over heels for the man and drunk and lonely and desperately wants the feel of another human being holding her close so she's goes along with it. She then drives home, a bit drunk still.

Now suppose it was all a setup. That the suave gentleman was paid by her ex-husband to get her to do something that could be used against her in court for purposes of changing their custody arrangement. A prosecutor, 2 weeks later is telling a jury that she is some kind of whore who goes home with any strange man and is a risk to her children since such strange men could clearly harm her or her kids., therefore she should be stripped of all visitation, despite the fact that her children were nowhere near when all these events transpired. He further sites that she was arrested for D.U.I., after police, knowing who she was, where she was, and what she was doing, tailed her home and arrested her on the spot.

Women's groups would be APOPLECTIC. They would roar "setup!, entrapment!, abuse of power!, frame-job, she was only lonely!, what about her needs!, the man did it to her!, he used her!, he set her up!, he's guilty!, he used her fragile emotional state against her!, who are you to judge her!" and on and on.

Below essentially the same thing happens but its a man and not a woman who is setup. The result? He hardly ever sees his own children. Does the man have any other misdeeds, violations, criminal conduct, etc.?

No. In fact, he's a former cop.

What did the police do?

Help remove an otherwise innocent man from his children.

Who suffers the most from this?

Innocent children.

Who wins?

A bitter, manipulative, nasty ex-wife.

Rejoice everyone.

Duped by a blonde too good to be true

I posted before about Crooked cops fueling nasty divorces with dirty DUI charges. Sunday's paper has this followup:
She was a striking blonde who spent a lot of time in Hawaii, just like he did. She was an avid Sharks fan, just like him. She said all the right things and made it clear that she wanted him.

"I haven't had sex in so long," she cooed on their first date.

Deep down, Dave Dutcher -- unassuming aeronautics engineer, father of three, recently split from his wife -- suspected that his sweetheart was too good to be true. And when a wildly flirtatious second date ended in a DUI, Dutcher wondered whether his ex-wife was somehow connected to the woman who had fed him shots and invited him hot-tubbing with an equally coquettish friend.

Then, two years later, a major police corruption scandal centered on a Concord private investigator exploded, and a prosecutor confirmed Dutcher's suspicions: He had been set up. ...

On that night, when his date and her friend flashed their breasts at Dutcher, he said he was as confused as the other men at the bar who wondered whether he was some kind of movie producer. ...

"Again, there was no plan to set up a DUI arrest; I only wanted Mr. Butler to watch Mr. Dutcher drink and drive so he could report this to the court for the safety and protection of my children," Susan Dutcher wrote in a declaration to the court. "There was never a discussion with me about Mr. Butler notifying the police if he saw Mr. Dutcher driving after drinking to excess."

Butler, one of five former police officers who have pleaded not guilty to a 38-count felony complaint, told a DA inspector that Dutcher was the second divorcing spouse of a Nolan client who was arrested for DUI as a result of one of his undercover stings using female decoys. ...

"Everything changed after the arrest," Dutcher said. "Custody went from 60/40 to 90/10, though it's really more like 4 (percent). My kids are so alienated now, I rarely ever see them."
This scheme by the police and ex-wives is thoroughly reprehensible. No man should be held responsible if some hot blonde flashes her breasts, gets him drunk, and seduces him. The cops participated in this entrapment. The family court should not be punishing the kids by cutting them off from the dad.

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