Monday, October 31, 2011

Cafe Mom: Making You Feel Better About Your Bad Decisions

I'm going to be a single mom at 20 years old and I need someone to make me feel better about the following:

1) Getting knocked up at 20

2) Having a baby when my boyfriend and I had no money and clearly were not ready for a child financially or in our relationship

3) Getting knocked up at 20

4) Forcing my boyfriend to be a dad when he was not ready to be one

5) Getting knocked up at 20

6) Having a baby just because I wanted one and for no other reason

7) Ignoring my boyfriend/husband

8) Being selfish

9) Getting knocked up at 20

10) Pushing away my boyfriend when he clearly cares about me and his child

11) Insuring my child will never know his father but through once-a-month court-ordered "visitation"

12) Making sure my child knows mom is the MOST important thing in the world and that most men are immature and selfish!!

13) Ensuring my boyfriend will never have his own family and be nothing but my wage slave

Thanks Y'all. Thanks for being so SUPPORTIVE!

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