Monday, October 31, 2011

Lingere Football League: Demeaning and Trashy

Yes, its a free country. Yes, women and men may do as they please (unless you step into a legal trap a special interest group has setup, such as divorce). But this is just plain pathetic. A lingere football league? Do these women have no better alternative in their life? They run around the field in their underwear with pads and helmets on and they tackle each other? This is a new low. This is a notch below mud wrestling. I mean, give me a break. Don't they feel like a piece of meat in those clothes? And then they run around the field playing REAL football; a game where you're not "down" or "out" until you go out of bounds or someone knocks you forcibly to the ground with all possible malice and viciousness.

If girls want to play football, fine. If they want their own league, fine.

But why can't they wear real uniforms that their private parts don't hang out of? Is that not just a TAD indiscreet? I mean, have some class people. Some of these women are very good athletes. They could wear something sexy if the league thought it could help sell tickets - but lingere? On a football field? Have you seen some of the positions football players get in? Would you want to do that in your underwear? Yeah. Me neither.

If you've ever wondered why the Middle East and/or muslim nations of the world are terrified of westernization, look no further. One look at a lingere football league and you've got to conclude whatever freedom means to a nation, this is right up there with public pole dancing. Its a public spectacle. Its sad and demeaning.

Let's move on.

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