Monday, November 21, 2011

Custody Battle Update

Turns out my ex is having a pretty good month. Or that's my guess. She has no appetite for my court drama and vitriol it seems. Not too surprised actually as it is Hell on earth and the judge somehow fucks you both over anyway.

My son tells me she's actively considering some kind of shared parenting arrangement. Joint physical custody. You see, now that she's fleeced me for roughly $100,000 ($1k/month x 12 months x 8 years), and settled down with (but not married) a new guy who has since started making good money I hear ($70kish I'm guessing), she doesn't need so much of my cash and has plenty of her own and would now like time to spend it and live the good life - I'm just praying to pay off some of my huge debts. Nice comparison, eh? Considering it was my ex who CHEATED ON ME.

Plus, my son is 10 and no longer the little sweet baby who adores his mother. A friend with grown kids tells me that when boys hit 13, mom is pretty much old news - sports and video games are bigger and they start to notice girls at that age. So my ex is preparing to jettison my son a bit now that she's no longer the center of his universe.

Let's all act surprised.

The big question is money. If she's not prepared to live on less "child support" (for a child I'll be raising half the time?), then it could get ugly. Clearly she wants more time to herself (hey, she works nearly THREE DAYS A WEEK!) and with her live-in boyfriend, so she's ready to "allow me" to have time with my own son. Mea Culpa. I've informed my son that he can spend every other week with me and that the court would readily permit this. His response: "Really!?!? You can do that?!?!" Yeah, dear reader, you can bet his mom has been REALLY HONEST with him regarding all of his living options. She told him that because I had to work every day I would not be able to take him for long period of time - why? I don't know. As if work would prevent me from picking him up from after school care at 5:30 when it doesn't now.

In truth, if and when joint custody is agreed to, you can bet my ex will somehow demand and receive extra money than is standard in such cases, even if its less than she gets now; and you can bet paying for my son half the time will double my grocery bill as well as gas necessary to pick him up and drop him every day at school. So I'll be lucky to come out even - that is, paying as much as I do now in child support, which is absurd. But hey, my college-graduate-with-a-3.8-GPA-ex can't expect to make any money, can she? I mean COME ON! She's only a woman! Right?

And let's not forget the Massachusetts Dept. of Revenue is a "party" in my case, so they may somehow object to a private agreement between two citizens and make their own demands - thankfully I think the judge would tell them to go fuck themselves, but who knows. Its the state and they want to sodomize anything with money, they're so broke from overspending for the past 10 years.

In short, I may not be totally crushed as THAT HAS ALREADY HAPPENED FOR 8 YEARS, so I haven't much left to lose and my ex has clearly figured out that pulling shit like denying my son a trip to Disney world with his father and grandparents might be looked upon, oh, less than positively by any human being, including the judge, who biologically speaking, must have a heart that beats. So my ex is looking at escape routes now, before the judge decides she's an absolute fucking menace and punishes her for it. She also doesn't want anyone asking questions about the radical diets she puts my son on. The latest is a "blood-type diet," a whacked out diet that contends your diet should vary greatly according to your blood-type. There is no verifiable evidence OF ANY KIND to suggest this theory has merit. The author calls himself a Doctor but is a homeopathic expert only, not a licensed physician as you and I go to. The research he has promised in the book hasn't materialized for 5 years. Book here. Read the criticisms and decide for yourself. He actually contends some foods will harm you - literally attack your body, based on your blood type. Yeah, I'm sure that's the case and the entire modern western medical community hasn't noticed this for the past 200 years. Its par for the course for my ex, who is radical and extremist in all her actions and views. She herself eats a vegan diet - fine and healthy for some, perhaps not quite so good for a 10 year old growing boy.

And the beat goes on.

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