Tuesday, November 08, 2011

The Deadbeat Party

Is the party that doesn't work yet takes money from the party that does work.

That's a simple definition of it. It makes no difference who is the man or woman. Its a matter of one party leaching off another due to some kind of natural or supposed "handicap" which any adult will tell you simply does not exist in the 21st Century.

My child support is 4 figures. FOUR figures for one 10 year old boy that his mother has NO idea how to raise. The "child support guidelines" form has a line for the "prescribed" support amount ($1k, based on my salary) and then separate entries for child care, activities, and out-of-pocket medical expenses.

Got that, dear reader? $1,000/month that my ex receives by sitting on her ass, and its not intended to cover child care (day care, summer care, non-school care, etc.), medicine not paid for by me (I am REQUIRED to pay medical insurance for my son which is another $200/month), or activities that my son chooses to play such as soccer, hockey, music lessons, martial arts, etc..

Couple of questions:


2. How can support be so high and not cover EVERYTHING?!?!?!?

3. My son could go to the zoo every day and invite the zoo animals home for dinner and still barely clear that level of expense.

4. What does my ex take away from that form? That she should receive a thousand dollars of the money her EX-BOYFRIEND of 10 years works for in exchange for..... NOTHING? And on top of that "punishment money" I should be forced to pay for my son's actual care? While she pays nothing?

GREAT LESSON TO WOMEN EVERYWHERE: Men are responsible for your mistakes as well as their own! You are not to be held accountable because you have a vagina!

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