Thursday, November 03, 2011

Provocative Dress? What else is new.

I love this crap. I'm not sure why. Probably because its so goddamn obvious. The lady below is jealous of the secretary. The secretary is hot, or at least, thinks she is and wants to advertise it.

It's what women do when they're hoping to hook a man and settle down and that's 95% of the time. There are only 2 women at the company which means the rest are all men. The secretary would like to get one of them. So she's advertising. Females having been doing this in nature for billions of years. Birds flash feathers, dogs give off a scent, homosapiens dress up and show off their health and fertility. We "discovered" this shortly after we developed the brain power to consider it.

From a business standpoint, Yes, unequivocally, it is unprofessional and lewd to strut around the office in extremely revealing clothes. Non-business wise, what the bleep do you expect? She's single and there are men at work. She's not going to ask one out. So this is what you get. She struts and advertises her fertility and reproductive ability, basically. In the old days, before men were robbed of their earnings potential and relegated to 2nd class citizens, this woman would've had 4 or 5 proper suitors and this would not be happening. Those clothes aren't comfortable you know.

That said, like this woman, I am sick of the "over the top" dressing of women these days. There is sexy-professional in the office: a business suit that's snug in the right spots and heels. Its been done for years. All men will notice; but its not trashy or unprofessional. Spiked boots and low cut tops? Uh, no. This isn't the club, honey. And even the clubs blow my mind with what women wear in them. There is sexy and there is "if we have the chance, bend me over this desk and hurry!" I have never seen the later, but have heard plenty of stories (friend of a friend going to work at an Engineering firm in fishnets. Classy).

You want ironic? The women that dress in "business" clothes in a "business office encounter" in pornography are more covered than some of many women in the office these days.

I'm not kidding.

From Bloomberg:

I am a female partner at a small business. The only other woman at the company, our administrative assistant, wears very low-cut tops and blouses, sandals (sometimes even slippers), tight jeans, and extremely high spike heels or boots. The company has a relaxed, “business casual” atmosphere. I don’t want to seem petty or unreasonable, but this behavior is slowly starting to drive me a little crazy. If the male partners are all willing to look past this, should I let it go? —L.H., Chicago

First, it’s unlikely your male partners are “looking past” your receptionist’s provocative fashion choices. But while some of them may be more than happy to tolerate it, others may be profoundly uncomfortable. They may not mention it, however, because they worry about being accused of sexual harassment for even addressing the issue.

Even if your partners don’t object, your assistant’s provocative clothing may convey the wrong message to customers and vendors who visit your office expecting a professional company. And even if you have no visitors, if this issue is bothering you, you have a right to mention it, says David A. Weiman, a management psychologist in Wynnewood, Pa., who consults with small businesses on leadership development. “Your values should be taken into account at the firm because you’ve earned the right to have an impact on the culture there,” he says......

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