Thursday, May 03, 2012

For the Last Time

MODERN DAY women do not want equality. They want their mate to be superior and to pay the bills and they want to have time with their children and their husband - they want to play "house."

The 1970s saw women "rise up!" To overcome and overthrow the oppressive forces "holding them down!" Well they did. They gathered money and power and political influence and laws were enacted to ensure equality in education and employment. Now? Now its over.

It. Is. Over.

Mission Accomplished Ladies. Hell, it was accomplished by 1980, at the very latest.

Modern day women have had copious amounts of control, money, power, education, and success. And when you have everything, what do you do? Typically, you submit. You submit to your instincts, to what truly makes you happy, to what feels right to you, in your life. Furthermore, many MODERN DAY women saw mothers balancing careers and kids in the 70s and early 80s.

The result? Their mothers were a frantic wreck, the family had extra money it blew on material crap it didn't need, and fathers were disappointed to find tired wives who fell asleep early and talked about nothing but work.


So let's just admit it, for chrissake.

Women Don’t Want to Balance Work and Life

Women want more life and less work, and they are willing to sacrifice to get it.
Working women tend to value their personal lives more than professional advancement, according to a new survey from More Magazine. It found that “65% of women say it’s more important to have TIME in their life than to make more MONEY at their job” and “73% say if their boss left her job, they would NOT apply to replace her.” These priorities are trending: “43% say they are LESS AMBITIOUS now than they were 10 years ago,” and “58% say that flexibility is more important to them now than it was 10 years ago.”
I wonder how men would answer the same questions. Is this the mood all over? Is it a result of women finding that jobs aren’t all they were cracked up to be?
Beyond women’s feelings about work, this survey should help bust the stereotype of women as materialistic opportunists who seek mates who can buy them lots of shoes, since 65% of women polled prefer time over money. That should put the canard to rest…but it won’t.

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