Monday, December 31, 2012

Romance Impaled on Spike.

And you wonder why romance is dead.

These "girls" (I struggle not to say airheads) recommend, literally, that men be simultaneously nice and distant/inattentive/mean to women in order to gain their affection.

This is what youth relationships have become: a series of head games being played for the purpose of.....? I don't know what. For men, the answer is sex, for women...? They get sex followed by..... most likely a man's bitter post-coital rejection; because assholes DO NOT CARE about women's feelings and men who play games for sex can't wait to reject women post-sex.

And all this is done for.... women? You know dear reader, all of us "women haters" like me want to go back to a system that ultimately resolves to women being actually ROMANCED instead of being a one-night stand. 

What is contained below is not COURTSHIP. So long as the drivel espoused in this video is true, YOU, WOMEN of the western world, WILL NEVER BE COURTED, EVER, EVER AGAIN. Period.

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