Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Question Not Asked

The elephant in the room: WHY are women bringing children into the world when they know the father either 1) does not want them or 2) is not married to the mom, and never will be.

Women have the right to an abortion. These fatherless children are not here by accident. Only SOME of them came into the world with a father around and then the parents split up. But a very large and growing amount are brought into a world in which MOM KNEW AHEAD OF TIME the father would not be there.

SO WHY DO MOM'S INSIST ON HAVING KIDS THEY KNOW WILL BE FATHERLESS? Doesn't that put a large portion of the fatherless crisis on WOMEN'S shoulders/

No, of course. Because you can never blame a woman for anything, even when she is clearly the one to blame; truly the answer is to drag men to court and bankrupt them; the fact that the fatherless crisis has become WORSE over the duration of 3 decades of that INSANE policy WILL NEVER ENTER THE THICK-SKULLED CRANIUM OF a liberal or most other Americans.

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