Thursday, December 13, 2012

This is Supposed to be Funny

But I can't laugh.


Because the results of all that Ms. Silverman is asking for are horrifying and they're getting worse.

First off, reproductive rights? Yes, women should have equal reproductive rights. This is America - equality for all. The problem is, Sarah, I buy MY OWN condoms. Why should I subsidize your birth control? You don't subsidize my condom purchases.

Also, two different angles on this:

1) We, the pubic, should subsidize women's birth control, especially poor women. Women are sleeping around like men and having kids out of wedlock like its no big deal. Regardless of who made the baby, WOMEN ARE CHOOSING TO KEEP IT and are NOT having abortions. This is blamed on the man currently and he is given a child support bill for 40% of his income for 23 years (in MA, yes, it is that long). Sorry, but FUCK YOU, women of America. You should not have that ability, it is reprehensible and absurd, so STOP HAVING CHILDREN. Period. Until balance and equality is restored.

Oh and remember, when women wouldn't sleep with a man until marriage, women had men over a barrel and men were romantic and chivalrous and ambitious; today men are the opposite and women are, rightfully, in an uproar. So the current arrangement may actually harm women more than men, pre-divorce, anyway.

2) No one's birth control problem should be another person's. Married, unmarried, young, old, I don't care. Pay for your own contraceptive and if  you have a baby, #1, the man should be able to opt out entirely, and #2, at WORST, the man should pay no more than half of ONLY child expenses - WITH A HARD DOLLAR CAP. We don't get to sleep with the woman after we split up, so why does she get our money!?!?!?!

3) Women are clueless and out of control. While the libertarian in me wants to give them all the rights in the world, something needs to be done to STOP OUT OF WEDLOCK BIRTHS. And no one is doing a goddamn thing. Expecting young men to stop trying to have sex is like expecting birds to stop flying. Aim at women for some kind of control measures and shame the men or something, I don't even know. But STOP the destruction of the nuclear family. THE KIDS deserve better.

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