Monday, January 07, 2013

7 Years for Murder

Another pathetic joke of a sentence for a murderer.

The murderer happens to be a woman, so all of the rules must change: murder, totally premeditated and without ONE SHRED of evidence of self-defense yields just a 7 year sentence.

If you pirate some software you can get 5 years.

This woman took a man's life.

Her only statement, was the old reliable female standby: my husband was a torturous monster.


So instead of divorcing him and taking everything he owned, she killed him?

His side of the story we'll never have: due to his wife killing him, of course.

A Vermont woman lost control of her car along Route 5A, crashed into a tree and lost her husband in the ensuing accident. It all seemed like a terrible tragedy. In time, it was revealed to be a terrible crime.

Christine Billis was sentenced to 7 to 15 years in a plea bargain Friday in Vermont Superior Court, after she admitting to causing her husband's death in the 2009 accident. 

She had originally been charged with murder, but pled to manslaughter.

Billis, a Brownington resident, may have gotten away with the crime had she not created an account on the dating site OK Cupid shortly after the accident. In time, she told a romantic prospect that she had purposely caused the crash in hopes of killing her husband. She wore her seatbelt on the night the car veered across the road in Charleston, Vt. Her husband, Charles, 57, did not.

Instead of dating Billis, the online user contacted police and became an informant, according to the New England Cable News network. He recorded conversation and turned the tapes over to police.

She claimed her husband was controlling, abusive and had threatened to kill her.

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