Monday, January 07, 2013

No, She Should Get Zero

What the Fuck is wrong with these people? "Popular Critic" below claims this man should be paying $30,000/month. A MONTH. For one child in child support.

First off, CAN YOU EVEN THINK, "Popular Critic?"

50 children wouldn't cost that. How can one?

What they are DEMANDING is that he pay this to his ex-girlfriend for HERSELF. The child expenses are an afterthought, AT BEST.

The best part is the article is implying she is starving. But wait for this: Chris is already paying her $2,600/month. She's applying for food stamps on salary - TAX FREE - that would amount to a $50,000/year job. She's living like she's working, BUT SHE'S NOT WORKING. And this celeb rag is FURIOUS that she's not getting paid SIX TIMES AS MUCH for doing absolutely nothing but raising a child - which as a mother, she's supposed to do anyway. Or what should she give Chris for being a father? Oh, that's right, nothing. Both being a mom and a dad is just a duty - THERE IS NO GODDAMN SALARY attached.

Now, he is a man of means, so he can adequately care for his son - THAT'S WHAT $2,600/MONTH IS FOR. That could take care of 30 kids.

THE GROWN-UP WOMAN? No, she gets zero. She can afford daycare and work, or else find a man to marry. Furthermore, the money Chris pays should STOP ENTIRELY when the child is old enough for daycare to no longer be necessary - say 12 or 13. Some would say, once this woman remarries, she has a new source of support and should now receive nothing.

As it stands now, this woman receives $2,600/month and her ex-boyfriend receives..... NOTHING. And no, seeing his OWN SON is not something his ex-girlfriend GIVES to him. The child is not HER EXCLUSIVE PROPERTY. Period. Because without Mr. Bosh, this child DOES NOT EXIST.


EXTORTION IS WRONG, IMMORAL, ILLEGAL. Outside of the corrupt family courts, any method of extortion is punishable - 

Under federal and state laws, extortion carries up to a 20-year prison sentence. 

This article is ANGRY because this woman has not used AN INNOCENT CHILD to extort MORE MONEY from the man she did not marry and is no longer with.


Chris Bosh’s Child’s Mother Allison Mathis Applies For Food Stamps

June 19 | Posted by Popular Critic

Miami Heat star Chris Boshis fighting Oklahoma City Thunder for his first championship ring on the court but his ex-girlfriend and mother of his only daughter Trinity is fighting for survival – if we believe the reports. Chris and Allison Mathis have been entangled in bitter court battles over custody, Basketball Wives and visitation times. Chris’s reputation has remained intact through out the battles but this latest news may hit him hard.
According to GossipExtra, Allison was recently laid off which has caused her life to spiral out of control. Her home is reportedly near foreclosure and she was forced to apply for food stamps since Chris’s $2,600/month is not sustainable.
It’s unclear if this is the real amount Allison receives per month but with the NBA player’s $18 million/year salary his child support payments per state regulations would be closer to $30,000/month!!
“My client just lost her job and applied for food stamps for her and Mr. Bosh’s daughter. She’s about to be foreclosed on, he won’t help her and all he wants to do is go to London with his daughter. Are (you) kidding?”
Orlando family law attorney Jane E. Carey added,
“He wants to take his daughter across the world for a photo op. It’s just for a photo op. He doesn’t care. He hasn’t been decent to my client and his daughter.”
Chris Bosh has since remarried to Adrienne Bosh and they welcomed a son, Jackson, earlier this year. Do you think Chris Bosh should help the mother of his child?

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