Tuesday, January 08, 2013

The Old Days... Filled with Evil Men.

This is circulating Facebook. The comments are pretty funny, but they also show people's ignorance.

You probably, dear reader, have NO IDEA how far from stable our present, Western society is.

Look up Carl Goerdeler. This was a German politician and a man involved in the plot to depose Adolf Hitler. He opposed the Nazi party, although he was FAR too acquiescent about Jewish property being confiscated by the Nazis. This was a conservative MAN who would not allow divorced MEN in his own home because divorce was so disgraceful to him.

This was a MAN'S rule. No one gave him this rule. No one forced him to have it. He made it because he was religious and HATED the idea of divorce. That kind of thinking makes people call you "conservative." Doesn't that make EVERY SINGLE WOMAN a conservative? I don't know one woman who wants to get divorced; of course, they're happy to see divorce laws grant them the keys to their husbands life - they view it as an insurance policy.

But back to Carl.

Any women alive today need this man's views screamed in their face, repeatedly. There was a time when MEN, upstanding men, detested and despised divorce, vehemently. Carl was not alone. Many men were married and DETERMINED to remain married. They attended church; most people did. They were not angels, but the denounced and insulted divorce and immoral behavior in general. Because of this, WOMEN DID NOT FEAR DIVORCE: NOR WERE THEY MUCH ANXIOUS OR WORRIED ABOUT IT. The lack of anxiety in women meant happier husbands and happier marriages. Oh and happier kids - if anyone still cares about them these days (instead of simply claiming to).

[Side Note: Here's a tip ladies: men really do HATE divorce. When married they have access to sex, more money, most likely a big TV, and probably a beer within reach. Tell me, WHY THE BLEEP a man with that would want to get divorced? For a younger woman? Those women have outlandish expectations, have slept around, and are immature and childish - they're a fun fantasy in DREAMLAND - in REALITY, they are a basket of ugliness. NO, LADIES, men DO NOT get divorced for younger, hotter women. Does it never happen? No. Does it happen often? Not even close. Your husband isn't Tiger Woods, ladies. And Hell, even Tiger didn't cheat cuz the other women were hotter; his wife was plenty sexy - so quit worrying your man is dying to leave you, he's not.]

Women's lack of fear meant rich divorce settlements and child support laws were totally unnecessary.

Imagine that ladies? Not even the CHANCE of divorce. When a man married you, HE MARRIED YOU.

And so.... back in the 1930s and 40s when women were supposedly "suppressed" by men and society, MEN felt a DUTY AND RESPONSIBILITY to marry and support women and children. It was the de facto STANDARD.

Fast forward to today when many women support their husbands financially - especially younger women, and divorced men as young as 25 or 30 are bankrupt and unable to remarry. Divorced women are quickly becoming thought of by men as "tainted" due to the fact they financially blew out one man in divorce and could certainly do so again. Divorced men are nearly "untouchable" by women because they are seen as a financial liability (and they are).

Divorce and out-of-wedlock births are RIPPING society to pieces (see the stats on how miserable the children of divorced parents are?) and people all just stand around and claim "everything is alright" and its "just the way it is," that it is "no one's fault."

How does that sound to you, women of the interwebs? No more marriage, no more husband's supporting wives? Do you enjoy the new "standard." Or do you YURN for the OLD DAYS!?!?!?!

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