Sunday, February 03, 2013

Commercial Sex Appeal, Aimed at Men

This has been going on for about 80 years; it makes women feel bad about themselves for not being slim and sexy and it makes men all the more aroused, but of course the result is always the same: confused girls who are having sex they later regret, and testosterone-hypercharged young men who are are confused as to why the girls they slept with didn't realize their sex was about little more than that:

Girls Rule, Boys Drool
Sporty and bikini-clad, these 10 out of 10 daredevils mean business as they jump from seriously spooky heights in beautiful Bermuda. Their hijinks don't stop there as they kite surf, wash that brand new sports car and provide some serious laughs with some Bad Bear Safety Tips!
Big Air Kite Surfing
Kate Upton Goes Slow…Motion
Hilariously Bad Bear Safety Tips

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