What was the New York City mom of two doing in Istanbul, Turkey? The case surrounding Sarai Sierra is getting more and more interesting as more and more details emerge. She went missing on January 22, was found dead on February 2, and now investigators believe she was hanging around a "criminal element" in Istanbul and had a consensual affair with a man in Turkey whom she had previously met online.
Cops say that her husband, a bus driver, and her brother have been cooperative with the case, but noted there's a difference between that and "helpful." Her family still insists she travelled abroad alone, despite being very low on funds, to indulge her love of photography, but no one's so sure that's actually the whole story anymore.ause when a mother with little disposable income leaves her husband and her young children behind to take an expensive trip to an exotic location to shoot some graffiti, then winds up murdered by a blow to the head, some eyebrows are going to be raised. And that friend who bailed on Sierra at the "last minute"? Maggie Rodriguez spoke to the Post and said Sierra was aware during the early stages of planning the trip that she wouldn't be able to join her. 

The stories are starting to unravel and things aren't quite as they seem. Hopefully, for the sake of Sierra's children, the truth will be uncovered.