Friday, February 22, 2013

Sheryl Sandberg, The Complete Idiot

What this slide deck tells you is that men and women both expect men to earn more, take charge, conquer and get ahead. When they do not, it is a well-known fact that women are terribly disappointed with them and often divorce them. Families with male breadwinners are MUCH less likely to divorce.

The slide deck talks about how women are graduating college and graduate school in MUCH higher numbers than men, but are not achieving in the business world; you are supposed to think this is because some invisible hand is "holding women down."

I work at a tech firm and just got off a phone meeting with my female boss and her new boss (a female); my boss's old boss? Also female. The company's CEO? Female. Yeah. Guess they forgot to be held down.

The slide deck only hints at the truth: which is not always the case, but typically is, of course. Women DO hold themselves down and NO, this is NOT a bad thing. Women often fail to move higher because they have kids and decide they'd rather be involved more with their children at the cost of going a bit higher in their career. What makes them do this? An invisible hand?



Is that bad? I would say no. Disagree if you want to. Why isn't it bad? As many WOMEN will tell you; they wind up doing the bulk of parenting as it is; so why have to do both work and all the parenting!?!?!!?? Why not just let hubby break his back at work!?!?!?

Yeah, good idea ladies.

Women pair up with men and have kids. CEO is not their dream job; being mom, is.

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