Wednesday, June 19, 2013

What to Even Say to This?

Basically, this is nothing more than women assigning every bad event, every Hollywood-backed commercial designed to get them to buy things based on anxiety, every bad feeling or bad thing said to them to some vague, single, external force. 

And the antidote to that force is Feminism.

What do you even say to that?

Ladies, ITS NOT.

When women were all married and the divorce rate was practically zero, MEN WERE MEN, and ladies acted like ladies. You are all individual people. Simply state out loud, you want respect for yourself and you will not accept anything disrespectful. Some men, some people will DISAGREE with you or do things you don't like.

These girls also fail to see a man's side of.... just about everything. Minimizing men as we are, and ELIMINATING their role in the family as caretaker and breadwinner, THEY ARE ANGRY and LASHING OUT.

Men in 1950 DID NOT DO THIS. They had a job, a role, they felt important, THEY. FELT. NEEDED.

What happens when someone has no role in society or the family?

WHAT WOULD HAPPEN TO WOMEN, how would they behave, IF THEY DID NOT BEAR OR RAISE CHILDREN? Why then, THEY WOULD BE TOTALLY DISCARDABLE, superfluous, temporary people to men, wouldn't they?

They THINK that's what they are now, but in reality THAT is what feminists have made MEN!


Who is this group? They define themselves below. They have banded together to defend the word 'feminism.'


They do not declare defending THE CONCEPT, IDEAS, IDEALS, OR PURPOSE of Feminism.


They do not even consider WHY people are lashing out at feminism. ITS NOT EVEN ADDRESSED. They only know feminism must. be. good. They don't say WHY it must be good. Or why its needed. They simply aim to make something many people HATE, seem better.


"Identify yourself as a feminist today and many people will immediately assume you are man-hating, bra-burning, whiny liberal. Perhaps a certain charming radio talk show host will label you as a “Feminazi” or “slut.” Even among more moderate crowds, feminism is still seen as too radical, too uncomfortable, or simply unnecessary. Feminism is both misunderstood and denigrated regularly on a broad societal scale.
We, the 16 women of Professor Rachel Seidman’s Women in the Public Sphere course at Duke University, have decided to fight back against these popular misconceptions surrounding the feminist movement. Our class was disturbed by what we perceive to be an overwhelmingly widespread belief that today’s society no longer needs feminism. In order to change this perception, we have launched a PR campaign for feminism. We aim to challenge existing stereotypes surrounding feminists and assert the importance of feminism today. We feel that until the denigration surrounding feminism and women's issues is alleviated, it will be hard to achieve total gender equality, both statistically and socially.
 has decided not to release a single, “official” definition of feminism. The goal of our project is to decrease negative associations with the word that would keep anyone from identifying with the movement. However, we encourage you all to keep defining it yourselves… you have given better answers than we could have ever imagined!"

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