Monday, July 15, 2013

I Support George Zimmerman..... but

he should've minded his own goddamn business.

I know, there were robberies in the neighborhood and the community has a right to uphold the sanctity of its homes. That said, Martin was a PRIVATE citizen walking down a PUBLIC sidewalk. He had the right to be LEFT. THE HELL. ALONE.

Instead he was confronted and questioned by a total stranger and may himself been afraid. But he did a very stupid thing: HE ATTACKED his questioner with force and was seriously injuring him when stopped by a gun fired at close range. He should've said something crass and rude and simply walked off; instead he attacked a man who WAS NOT attacking him, not physically anyway.

Reader, trust me, people DIE from blows to the back of the head. Routinely. The head is not made for being bashed into the sidewalk. After Mr. Zimmerman's head was bashed quite a few good shots (more than I would've tolerated), he was filled with panic and fear and resorted to his last, emergency device - his 9 mm handgun. Shot at close range it can be lethal and it was this time.

That is a travesty as Mr. Martin was NOT guilty of anything that should result in his death. But he put a man in a desperate position and pressed his advantage - you've got to respect someone's dire reactions at such a time. Mr. Zimmerman was desperate and desperate men do desperate things. It was foolish to put Mr. Zimmerman in that position. Did he put himself in that position? In part, but not enough to justify the violence he was being subjected to. He did nothing physical to warrant the attack he received.

By the way, let's all act surprised by the fact that Mr. Martin, really, a young man of 17, was and is fatherless. The greatest lesson any boy can receive from his father is when to get physical with another man and when to let things lie. I tell my son repeatedly NOT to engage in violent congress unless faced with no other alternative; that most men are full of noise and will likely insult and berate you repeatedly, but will not attack you. In such cases you merely return their verbal abuse and/or shrug it off, but you do not provoke them and you do not attack them; however if you are yourself attacked, you must defend yourself quickly and fiercely with force. I believe that if one practices enough martial arts, it is possible, against an ignorant opponent, to disable them without hurting them, quickly and without severe physical damage (which will only get you sued, of course).

Not mentioned with any emphasis in any news media is the fact that Mr. Martin is fatherless, that I'm aware of. Why? Because being fatherless is SO WIDESPREAD it is not even considered noteworthy.

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