Tuesday, July 09, 2013

You Can Take the Thug out of the Ghetto.....

...but not the Ghetto out of the thug, or so it would seem.

Aaron Hernandez can from a very bad neighborhood. There were rules and customs most people simply do not deal with.

Respect is very, very important. A pecking order, such as is established in nature among competing males must be established. This is normally done through athletics and scholarship in the classroom. With so many men dropping out of school and/or involved with street crimes/drug dealing, etc., in an attempt to acquire money and therefore elevated status, competition among males can quickly fall into a gang, or mafia-style in which violence becomes the predominant method of separating strong males from weak ones.

A male who is first insulted is then singled out for not having the courage to stand-up for himself or retaliate. Lack of retaliation invites more ridicule, perceived weakness and lack of access to females, which is what this is all about. Due to this very fine line of being a male females will consider or not consider, the males become VERY sensitive to their reputation. Reputation is EVERYTHING. So at the most minor of slights to them, they will retaliate with FORCE. Of course many men become wildly oversensitive to this and their reactions can become wildly over responsive. To the point where Aaron Hernandez felt justified in killing a man because he perceived the man's actions as a 'snub' to him and his reputation.

Think of how screwed up one's mindset must be when he is a multimillionaire athlete in the upper classes of society and he feels the NEED to kill a man simply because of a perceived slight in a social situation that few others took seriously.


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